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How to do Mazda 5 key 2008 lost

Suggestion 1:

If you don't have Lishi dismantle door lock and cut key (if i remember good in door lock you will be some wafers missing, in this case instacode is your friend). For immo best will be some obd tool - obdstar x100/ obdstar x300, zedfull and many others.

Suggestion 2:

Mazda should have the key code on the right side door lock cylinder, get it and use instcode to cut key, looks like you need other tools to program by OBD2 ias some are needed to reprogram the easy way.

Suggestion 3:

Door holds wafers pos, 3-10
Ign holds wafers pos 1-8
Immo is in cluster. Make transponder by dump, or try by obd fist using obdstar!

Someone said " And if not on the right door lock, check the left door lock." Actually, it was usual @ Japanese wehicles, the keycode was engraved in the driver's door cylinder (ie: right front door) from the '70s till 2005 for sure, since 2005 usually you can't find that code in the left locks - and there's no lock on the right side (except in UK, Malta and so on). Made a Toyota Land Cruiser from 2003, had the keykode in the right doors cyl, another from '09 had no right lock, and no keycode in the left cyl.

Suggest 4:

If you have Condor you can put the code in there directly and cut the key. Remember that most Mazda and Fords require 2 chips to be coded before it will start. Probably a 4D63 40 bit chip.

Suggest 5:

You need:
1. Lishi MAZ24 or remove door lock --> cut key
2. Have 2 remote key with chip 4D63
3. A OBD2 key program tool: OBDStar, Lonsdor K518, Xpad2, Mazda IDS(need Incode),...