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Get to know VCM2 different color PCB

The VCM2 quality is not a matter of PCB colour, but lots of people wanna know more.

Here's something from pros (dstirrup and MrPhil)
I just wanted to comment on the issue of the VCM 2 PCB plating as I am qualified (electronics and computing).

The boards are made of copper laminated to fiberglass. When these boards are made - BEFORE installing the electronic components - they normally plate the copper with tin or a cadmium alloy to prevent corrosion of the copper.

The colours you see are a consequence of the plating process.
- Tin is a silver colour and has been incorrectly described early in this thread as Aluminium which is never used for a PCB plating. Tin is the normal plating used as the solder is an alloy of >90% tin. The old 60% lead and 40% tin solder is no longer used as the lead is a poison that leaches into the ground when electronics are disposed of.

- Gold colour is the cadmium alloy plating and is usually selectively applied where exposure to moisture occurs such as connector contacts and test points. I rarely see it soley used on the whole PCB as a plating but it can be cheaper to plate the whole board rather than selectively at times.

- The real Copper colour of a red gold is an unplated board - VERY BAD. I would avoid such a unit at all costs because if they are such cheapskates and cost cutters not to have the PCB tin plated then they will have cut costs elsewhere.

There was a reply that tried to correct this matter but I hope this makes things a lot easier to understand.

BTW, There are many other issues that affect the quality of performance of any electronics such as capacitor quality.

This is for your information!

If the board is showing all the copper tracks then that is a problem in itself which leads to oxidisation in air, most boards have a coating (conformal) to prevent this, finding a pcb manufacturer who plates every single track is impossible, coating the pcb with a protective layer of conformal prevents oxidisation in air and compared to the cost of tin varnish is minimal and the process much cheaper, tin needs high temperature to flow while varnish can be sprayed on at room temperature.

This is good info to know…

But actually…. I still think the problem we all face when we try to do certain functions is due to poor quality components (or missing components)

My vcm2 sp177-c1 works perfectly on ALL new generation ford / Mazda but have difficulty to achieve some functionality on old ford based ECU (also on Mazda equipped with ford ECU).

I’m pretty sure that the Chinese “engineers” who developed those clones didn’t copy the OEM board 100% . They must have took some shortcuts to save $$.

Attach sp177c1 pcb:

sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-1 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-2 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-3 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-4 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-5 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-6 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-7 sp177c1-vcm2-good-clone--review-8



CGDI BMW Enable BMW F Series Keys

Are you looking for the method to enable BMW F series keys normally? Here share using CGDI prog BMW MSV80 key programmer to solve this problem.

Car: BMW F series-525

Car year: 2016

Device: CGDI prog BMW MSV80

Step-by- step guide to enable key

Step 1: Check two keys state

Step 2: Connect to CGDI prog BMW

Step 3: Enable the key

in detail…

Step 1: Check two keys state
Use two keys to lock and unlock separately

  • Key3 (No sticker on the back) – can lock and unlock
  • Key1 (with sticker on the back) –cannot lock and unlock

cgdi-prog-bmw-enable-f-series-key-1 cgdi-prog-bmw-enable-f-series-key-2

Step 2: Connect to CGDI prog BMW

Connect CGDI prog BMW to the car via OBD

(Note: The OBD port of the car is above the driver's left foot)

Connect CGDI prog BMW with PC via USB cable


Step 3: Enable the key

Enter the CGDI BMW Menu to select “BMW Enable/Disable Key”


Turn on the ignition switch


Then click “Display key information”

The CGDI BMW will read the information of key

Then prompt “Please put the key vertically in the key induction area of the direction column”


Put Key3 in the key induction area to read data


Read Key3 data success


Select Key1 ->Enable the key

According to the prompt, put the Key1 vertically in the key induction areas of the direction column


Operate according to the software prompt:

Enable the key successfully, and the remote key restarted may not be immediately effective on the vehicle. In this case, open the vehicle by manual key. If necessary, through the emergency start function to start the vehicle. To do this, keep the main key in the marked position according to the operating instructions, and operate the start/stop button. The ignition key should then function correctly again.

Then click “OK”

cgdi-prog-bmw-enable-f-series-key-10 cgdi-prog-bmw-enable-f-series-key-11 cgdi-prog-bmw-enable-f-series-key-12

The Key1 enable successfully


Note: The remote key enabled cannot be immediately effective on the vehicle.

Remember to put the key to learn starting the vehicle before use it.




Lonsdor KH100 Reviews:Function+ Registration+ Upgrade

If you are searching for a key programmer for your car, Lonsdor KH100 will be your best choice. This post will highlight function, registration and upgrade of this Lonsdor Key Programmer.



KH100 is a versatile handheld smart device, launched by Shenzhen Lonsdor
Technology Co., which includes special features and functionality, such as:
identify© chip, access control key, simulate chip, generate chip, generate remote
(key), generate smart key(card), detect remote frequency, detect infrared signal, search induction area, detect IMMO, unlock Toyota smart key and etc.

Detailed Review:

Lonsdor KH100 Features

Lonsdor KH100 Functions

How to register Lonsdor KH100

How to upgrade Lonsdor KH100

Lonsdor KH100 Features:

1.Modern appearance design, in line with the operating habits of the public
2.Device system comes with operation instructions, easier for you to use
3.It covers almost all the functions of the similar products in the market
4.Built-in super sensor to collect data(over-range data collection)
5.Exclusive support for 8A(H chip) generation
6.Built-in WIFI module, can connect to network at any time

Lonsdor KH100 Functions:

1.Identify Copy
Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).


  1. Access Control Key
    Enter this menu, follow system prompts to operate (as shown).

lonsdor-kh100-remote-maker-key-programmer-3 lonsdor-kh100-remote-maker-key-programmer-4


  1. Simulate Chip
    Put KH100’s antenna at the ignition type to simulate. This device supp
    ①4D ②46 ③48


4.Generate Chip
Put below types of chip into the induction chip to operate according to the prompts. This device supports below chip types:
①4D ②46 ③48 ④T5
⑤7935 ⑥8A ⑦4C ⑧Other


5.Generate Remote
Enter [Generate key]->[Generate remote], choose the corresponding generate remote control(as shown) according to different regions.



6.Generate Smart key (card)
Enter [Generate key]->[Generate smart key] menu, choose the corresponding type to generate smart key/card (as shown) according to different regions.


  1. Identify Coil
    ①Search smart induction area
    Connect remote key with remote connector, Put KH100’s antenna clopre-determined position. If inductive signal is identified, the device will make sounds. Please check if the position is right (as shown below).


②Detect IMMO
Connect remote key with remote connector

Put KH100’s antenna close to key identification coil, and use key to turn ignition ON. When KH100 buzzer beeps, it means signal is detected.

8.Remote Frequency
Enter this menu, put remote control at the device’s induction area to detect remote


9.Special function
Include: detect infrared signal, unlock Toyota smart key, More functions, to be continued...
① Detect infrared signal
Put remote control at the infrared signal detection area, press the remote's button
once. When the light on KH100's screen is on, it indicates there is infrared signal, otherwise there is no signal (see below pic).

② Unlock Toyota smart key
Put in smart key, click OK to operate.


How to register Lonsdor KH100:

After booting the device, please connect to WIFI and enter the following process.

For New user
① For the first use, please prepare a common call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.

② Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

③ Input user name, password. Confirm password, cell phone number or email to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit registration.

④ Account registered successfully, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

⑤ Successful registration, enter the system.


For Registered user(who has registered Lonsdor products before)

①For the first use, please prepare a registered call phone or email to help complete activation process, click OK to start.

②Boot the device and enter registration activation process.

③Input your registered mobile number or email, password to obtain verification code. Then input the code to submit login.

④Account login succeeded, it will take 5 seconds to bind the device.

⑤Successful registration, enter the system.

In addition, users who have already registered Lonsdor’s product can directly choose [registered user] to activate account.


How to upgrade Lonsdor KH100:

Enter settings menu

Connect the device to network

Then choose [check for updates]

One-click online upgrade