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Steps to OBD reset BMW EGS 8HP with OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS

Confirmed! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS is verified to program ECUs to BMW and GM without issues.

BMW EGS is tested! X300DP PLUS is able to reset EWS in BMW EGS 8HP!


You can reset EGS by both ways: via OBD working on car or when you have EGS on-the-bench (please observe wiring connections listed below)




OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS is gonna to program a BMW ECU: BMW EGS 8HP.


Select the car and software

BMW - BMW Mini V30.04

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-2 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-3

Select an ECU: EGS - 8HP

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-4 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-5

X300DP PLUS reads out the ECU information

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-6 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-7

X300DP PLUS resets EGS adaptation

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-8 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-9

Obdstar X300 DP PLUS supports EGS

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-10 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-11

Obdstar resets EWS

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-13 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-14 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-15 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-16

Obdstar read EWS status

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-17 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-18

All functions listed in OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS ECU Programming: Worked!


Lonsdor K518ISEr Plus SKE-IT with full function

Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Plus SKE-IT Smart Key Emulator 5 in 1 Support Toyota/Lexus smart key for all key lost via OBD & No Need Connection From Server! No Need WiFi,Support 94/D4,98,39(128bit),88/A8,A9 Smart Keys. Get Full Functions.

Lonsdor K518ise SKE-IT Smart Key Emulator have 5 different Colors in total, supporting different smart key.

Detail Support Smart Key List:

Blue One: Support A9 Smart key, Logicc:DSTAES

Green One: Support 98 Smart key, Logic: DST80

Black One: Support 94/D4 Smart Key, Logic: DST40

Red One: Support 88/A8 Smart Key, Logic: DSTAES

Orange One: Support 39 Smart Key, Logic: DST128

Learn more Lonsdor K518ise key programmer:


Xhorse Condor XC-Mini No Data Error solution

If your Xhorse Condor XC-Mini displays "No Data error code=00 00 00 0c" after software update,  you should delete data in the Upgrade Tool and the update your condor software again

Error message after confor sw update:


How-to: clear all,, then update sw again

Tech support: from