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vvdi2 full kit or vvdi2 with full authorization

What’s the different between vvdi2 full kit or vvdi2 with full authorization?

it's different. full kit doesn't cover full authorization

In detail...look at the chart below:


 Cars and Authorization VVDI2 Full Version VDI2 Full Configuration
5th AUDI Authorization
BMW OBD Authorization
BMW CAS4 + Authorization
BMW FEM/BDC Functions   600USD for users with Condor;
800USD for users without Condor;
Copy 48 Transponder by OBDII 100USD
Copy 48 96 bit Transponder and MQB function 250USD

That is, the full kit doesn't cover 48 copy, 96bit 48 copy, mqb function and fem/bdc function.


How to add tokens for SKP900

Confused how to add tokens for SKP900 if it has Zero tokens or more than Zero token because SuperOBD SKP900 service is down and no more update/add token? You come to the right place.


Step 1: update your SKP900 to latest version 5.0 (very important !!!).

Free download SKP900 v5.0 update software

1). If your device have more than 0 tokens, download and install the file V5.0 ALL and V5.0 Little file containing SKP900 Update tool v2.5 and UpdateNew.bin. Also had to change the Com port. Once both of the above were done it installed no problem.!GkMUiY7A!BQMME5I5OqlsV9zj1R7e6hIupQV-qg...

Use the V5.0 Little File in this zip to flash your device, then it will be token free. Note it has to be V5.0 version.

2). if you have 0 tokens, need to upgrade to 5.0, if already have 5.0 then use 5.0 lite to remove token!Ct00WSxY!fxGyzLf8Wyw1PxE_m5GAZLTvFfgwmH...


Q:How to see how many token do I’ve?

A: Down to about 8 or so, you will get notification.

Q: I try to update skp900 to 5.0 but it failed me and it had ‘white screen ‘ show no connection again , any solution?

A: Keep updating until upgrade success completely.

For the SuperOBD SKP900 replacement, you can choose Lonsdor K518ISE or OBDSTAR X300 DP pad etc which are available at



Install Volvo Tech Tool 2.6 for VOCOM 88894000

Volvo Tech Tool 2.6.60 download

with free remote installation and activation help

2 steps:

  1. Search and Download all available updates via Client Update.
  2. Access the VOCOM II Configuration Application

In detail...

Follow these instructions (src: only if you downloaded the driver from the website.

Locate the saved file and extract the file contents.


Open the folder and Install (double click) the file.


On your PC, go to Start, All Programs. Click on VOCOM II folder and then click to launch the VOCOM II Configuration Application.


Plug the VOCOM II into the PC USB port. The VOCOM II will display under “All devices”

Please note: Serial Number (SN) differs. Do not connect to the vehicle at this time

When you receive the “Please update device firmware” pop up message. Click the to continue.


Click “Update device”.


The software will begin to update.

Note: Updating device can take a few minutes.


When the Update is complete. The VOCOM Configurator will refresh the settings.


Open Premium Tech Tool 2.6 and go to “Settings” to configure the adapter settings.

Here you can select the VOCOM II and then “Activate” to enable. Next, click OK to close window.

Please note: VOCOM I (88890300) and VOCOM II (88894000) use different drivers and must be activated separately


You’re now ready to connect to a vehicle!

volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-8 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-1 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-2 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-3 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-4 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-5 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-6 volvo-tech-tool-2.6-download-7