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How to install Caterpillar SIS 2018.

Caterpillar SIS 2018.1 can be installed on Windows 8. Read step-by-step guide as follows.
Here you go.

Step 1: Install RER10, RER11, RER12 under 2015
Step 2: Use daemon to open Setup RERD0010/11 / 12.nrg
Step 3: Get lincense.dat” file
Step 4: Set Environment variables
Step 5: Cover 2018 cat sis software

In detail…

Step 1: Install RER10, RER11, RER12 under 2015
Note: Use daemon to open SS11B, setup. Then install RER10, RER11, RER12 under 2015
Go to My computer-> 2018 Caterpillar SIS (F:) -> IE8-WindowsXP-X86-ENU
Update the Internet Explorer 8
Then restart the computer
Select My computer-> 2018 Caterpillar SIS (F:) -> Adobe Reader 920_en_us
Install Adobe Reader 9.2 successfully
Then click “Finish” to exit setup
Install NET Framework 4
caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-4 caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-5
NET Framework 4 has been installed
Open DAEMON Tools Lite file and install
Select language: English
Select “Free License” and click “Next”

Choose the features of DAEMON Tools Lite you want to install
Then click “Next”
Install DAEMON Tools Lite successfully
Run DAEMON Tools Lite
Click “Add image”
Go to My computer->2018 Caterpillar SIS (F:)-> 2018 Caterpillar SIS -> SS11B
Mount “SS11B.iso”
Install NET Framework 2.0
Choose setup language: English
Select applications you want to install service software
After finishing the setup, please insert the SIS “DVD Setup” Disk.
Go to “SS11B.iso”->2015->RERD0010
Mount “RERD0010.iso”
Note: Install SIS Data Setup #1 disc is finished. Please click OK, then insert the SIS Data setup #2 disc to complete the data installation.
Right click “Add image”
Select 2015->RERD0011
Mount “RERD0011.iso”
Note: The InstallShield Wizard will install SIS Monthly Image Update on your computer. To continue, click Next.
Setup of disc #2 is finished. Please complete current install dialogues and then proceed with setup disc #3 of 3.
Right click “Add image”
Select 2015->RERD0012
Mount “RERD0012.iso”
Install successfully
Remove all the DAEMON Tools Lite images

Step 2: Use daemon to open Setup RERD0010/11 / 12.nrg
Right click “Add image”
Select 2018 Caterpillar SIS ->RERD0010
Mount “RERD0010.isz”
Install SIS Data Setup #1 disc is finished
Then repeat all steps above until all the isz images completed.

Step 3: Get lincense.dat” file
Go to C disk and new create the flexlm file
Click on “ Run” and input cmd, then input “ipconfig-all”
Get the MAC address and send it to the dealer to get “lincense.dat” file, then paste the “license.dat” file to C:flexlmlicense.dat”caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-17

Step 4: Set Environment variables

Right click my Computer-> properties-> Advanced-> Environment variables->New create, input “CATLMD_LICENSE_FILE” and next “license.dat” file to C:flexlmlicense.dat”, click on “OK”
Step 5: Cover 2018 cat sis software
Copy “sis.exe” and “sisserver.exe” to the installed catalogue to cover 2018 cat sis software installation procedure
Install PTC Arbortext IsoView 7.3
Installing SIS Djvu
Import SIS Users
caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-22 caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-23
Use the ID and password to login
Access to agreement screen
Select “Caterpillar Authorized OEM”, then click YES
Note: Do you want to start the SIS integration functionality?
Click YES
Operate the service information system according to your need
caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-25 caterpillar-SIS-2018.1-installation-on-windows-8-26


Yanhua Mini ACDP Wifi and Bluetooth Problem Feedback

Some Yanhua Mini ACDP Key Programmer Users Feedback the problem about Connect Wifi and Bluetooth, Here is the details and Solution.

Q: When I open Bluetooth to connect with Mini ACDP, the system prompts me to connect with Wifi and need to input password. Is it right?

A: Yes, you need to input Wifi password to connect.

Q: What’s the Bluetooth password of Mini ACDP ?

A: No need to match with Bluetooth, you only need to turn on the Bluetooth button.

Q: I have installed the Bluetooth on my PC, but cannot match with ACDP. Why? Need to buy bluetooth adapter? But I can find the Bluetooth on my mobile. Should I need to set Bluetooth on the PC?


A: The Bluetooth adapter is not from Yanhua Mini ACDP. The original one please check Yanhua Mini ACDP Bluetooth adapter.

You don't need a bluetooth adapter on a PC with Wifi.

Please connect wifi follow the steps below.

First, bind the ACDP with the mobile phone, and then connect the same WIFI or hot spot with the mobile phone with the computer. When the mobile phone is unbound, the computer will bind it automatically.

Q: I tried to connect wifi to Bluetooth, but failed. How can I do?

A: Remove the dash from WIFI name (no "-" in WIFI name)

Please choose another wifi. This is 5G, which is not supported at present

Or you can also turn on the mobile hotspot to connect.

P.S: Mobile connection: wireless freedom. Wifi and Mobile phone hotspot can be connected. 

Q: The acdp bluetooth could not be found in the phone. Tried to end the process and restart the acdp software, still could not find the Bluetooth.

A: Figure 2 can find the serial number of ACDP, indicating that the bluetooth of the host is normal. Please press the SET key in the middle of the ACDP host for more than 7 seconds, until the long ring. If you do it in less than seven seconds, try again.

Q: Is mini acdp used on mobile phone more stable than PC?

A: For PC: Bind the mobile phone firstly, and then use the computer to connect to the same WIFI with the phone. Finally, unbind the phone, the computer will connect automatically.


Find more Yanhua acdp FAQ:


GM MDI 2 with WIFI Review

MDI scan tool is the Multi Diagnostics Interface. It supports all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017, which is without software. Here share more details about this diagnostic tool with you.


GM MDI 2 Features:

Works as the high-quality Vauxhall / Opel dealer diagnostic interface
Can be used with Global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2 Win software on a new laptop
Provides full dealer level diagnosis and programming
Supports all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017
Performs quickly and used easily to make customers happy and win new business by offering the exact same functions as the main dealers, including;


GM MDI 2 Functions:

Automatic vehicle recognition
DTC reading and removal
Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECU
Recordable / playback of live data
New software flash for existing ECU to fix drivability issues
Programming and installation of new ECU (PCM, ABS, Instrument cluster, air bag, fuel pumps etc.)
Programming new keys
Setting / removing speed limiters
J2534 pass thru offering ECU re-flash and diagnostics for other vehicle manufacturers, when subscribed to their specified software
More dealer specific functions


What protocols does the GM MDI 2 support?

For immediate use- At present, vehicles have two buses on the 16 pin connector
(high speed and low speed GMLAN). The GM MDI communicates using all of the existing GM protocols, the same as the GM Tech2:
- Class 2
- KWP2000
Beginning with the 2008 model year vehicles, Pass-Thru will be the only programming method available. (Remote will continue to be available for previous vehicle