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Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Update Steps

How to update Xhorse Dolphin XP-005? Here are three methods to get the update package.

Method 1: Contact your distributor and ask for “Upgrade Kit”

Method 2: Send an email titled “Update tool” to

Method 3: Consult with online customer service on Xhorse App.

Steps to update both Dolphin XP005 database and firmware with update package:

Step 1: Connect the Dolphin with a computer through USB cable

Run “Upgrade Kit”

Click “Find Device”


Step 2: The connected device will be recognized and shown on left corner.


Step 3: If the device cannot be found, follow the tips on screen and click “YES” to install driver


Step 4: Select DOLPHIN 1 and install driver


Step 5: When the dolphin machine is found, click “Upgrade”


Step 6: It takes a few minutes to complete upgrading. Please make sure the USB cable is always well connected when upgrading.


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Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 Installation steps

Dolphin XP-005 is a portable machine, with a small volume and lightweight, is particularly and carefully designed for locksmiths worldwide. This article will highlight the method to install cutter, probe and clamp on this Xhorse auto key cutting machine.


Here we go one by one.

How to install/ uninstall cutter and probe

1.Installation steps:

Step 1: Put the cutter into the cutter mounting hole and push the cutter to the limit

Drop the cutter 2-5 mm down

When the screw is perpendicular to the notched part of the side of the milling cutter, the locking screw and the fixed milling cutter

Step 2: Push the probe into the probe mounting hole and the tip of probe need to be higher than the tip of cutter

Turn the ‘probe locking screw’ clockwise until the probe is locked.


2.Uninstallation steps:

Step 1: Unscrew the locks for cutter and probe counter-clockwise until they are loosened off

Step 2: Take the cutter or probe off when it is loose


How to install clamp:

Step 1: Unscrew the clamp locking screw

Step 2: Choose the proper clamp for your keys

Slide it into the clamp holder

Push it to the limit from right side

Step 3: Fix the clamp locking screw until the clamp is locked


Clamp display:

Clamp M1


Clamp M2


Clamp M3


Clamp M4



Clamp M2 sides selection


Clamp M4 instruction

Clamp M4 for household keys, mainly support standard single and double keys, also for crucifix keys, example as follows:


Sided keys


Crucifix keys


Xhorse Dolphin XP-005 source:


VVDI mini keytool clone chip with Xhorse super chip XT27A66

Xhorse super chip can work with VVDI key tool and VVDI mini key tool. Here share how to clone and generate chip using Xhorse super chip XT27A66 and VVDI mini key tool.



Update VVDI mini key tool to version 1.1.2

Connect mini key tool with Xhorse App

Put XT27A66 chip into VVDI mini key tool coil

Click “Transponder Clone” -> “Read transponder”

Read out the transponder type is 46


Return to main menu

Select “Generate Transponder”-> “ID 60~ID70 (40 bits)”-> “65-Suzuki /Subaru”-> “Transponder: VVDI XT27 Texas Crypto T…”

Click “Generate” to generate transponder

vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-3 vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-4

Generate success!


Go back to Xhorse main menu

Click “Transponder Clone” -> “Read transponder” to read chip

Read out the transponder type is 4D (65)


Select “Generate Transponder”-> “ID46 (PCF 7936) -> “ID46- Indian cars” -> “Indian Suzuki” -> “Transponder: VVDI XT27 PCF7936”

Click “Generate” to generate transponder

vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-7 vvdi-mini-key-tool-clone-generate-chip-with-xhorse-super-chip-8

Generate successfully!


Xhorse VVDI mini key tool:

Xhorse super chip: