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VVDI Prog can read/write 35160WT? How to?

I’d like to answer the questions for you guys:

“Possible to read and write 35160WT with VVDI Prog

Tried with Vvdi programmer to reset eeprom chips on bmw clusters / odometers

But no matter how I try I can’t read ANY eprom soic 8 chips.

Then i tried a loose spare chip. Thinking if i can't read out of circuit, i will know you have a vvdi or adapter issue

I’ve done that with 2 different Vvdi programmers.

None could read the chip off circuit or in circuit.

I’m sure i’m not trying to read a 35080WT

that’s the second eeprom on a bmw 6wb / 6wa cluster.
Strange thing here is, that cheap as crappy China tools can read both EPROMs but Vvdi can’t. Even though they’re bot on the supported eeprom list.

..... (tried a lot of methods online, especially helped from many thanks)

Finally, I desoldered the chip and used the quick release chip adapter

vvdi-prog-bmw-35160WT-read-write-1 vvdi-prog-bmw-35160WT-read-write-2 vvdi-prog-bmw-35160WT-read-write-3 vvdi-prog-bmw-35160WT-read-write-4 vvdi-prog-bmw-35160WT-read-write-5 vvdi-prog-bmw-35160WT-read-write-6

VVDI Prog is able to read 35160WT, but cannot read it

Xprog, Enigma, Smoke and Codiprog can read those but not write, so have to use an emulator and an 160Dxxx chip

But i read a post when i searched something good on the web


CG Pro 9s12 can read and write 35160WT. Perfectly!

Need a extra 35160WT adapter and also to choose in options, you´ll have to connect this adapter on separate port...


CG Pro 9s12 and 35160WT:


ST 35160WT

Microchip PIC18F6520
Microchip PIC18F6720
Microchip PIC18F8520
Microchip PIC18F8620
Microchip PIC18F8720
Microchip PIC12F635
Microchip PIC12F683
Microchip PIC16F631
Microchip PIC16F636
Microchip PIC16F639
Microchip PIC16F677
Microchip PIC16F684
Microchip PIC16F685
Microchip PIC16F687
Microchip PIC16F688
Microchip PIC16F689
Microchip PIC16F690

BMW 35080 V5 (35160WT)


What do you personally use DTS Monaco for?


DTS Monaco is a program for softening. Mercedes-Benz is dealing with some company for developing some some software's for the control units fixed on the cars. check the web side of this company and you will understand what they are doing. My advise to you if you want to play with this program you need to be expert with the vehicles software and programming other wise you will destroy it.

For many, DTS is the best software used on cars.
Coding works very good an easy, because for all coding-points it shows a "coding description". With Vediamo you can not sort the list and have to make "right click" on any coding-point to read the description.
So, if you search for special things or "browse" through the functions in the ECU, Monaco is more comfortable.

Btw, vediamo unlocks units same as dts. Monaco can save codings in one click and upload them in one click too especially on MVCI smr-d units, which vediamo cant handle. Quite useful, but requires quite powerful system

Attachment: DTS-monaco vs. Vediamo

Functions DTS-monaco Vediamo
All cars have one key code access Yes No

Vehicle control unit software,

One key storage

Yes No
Car fault codes reading Yes No
Data exchange Yes No
Quick test Yes No
Single control unit keys off-set code Yes No
Offline programming Yes Yes
Increase reduced SA codes Yes Yes
Personalize the control unit parameters Yes Yes


DTS-monaco for FREE:!p9ZDGKwS!VTn9fB80Z9-YKpV8aj9PkRXR3KinAT...

DTS-monaco for SECURITY:

12-2017, 03-2018, 05-2018, 09-2018 (newest):

The DTS-monaco comes with DAS/Xentry, WIS, EPC, PL72, etc., 100% tested by real professionals



DTS-monaco introduction:
1.DTS-monaco is the official software used by Daimler Benz development engineers
2.DTS Monaco is universal engineering test terminal for the diagnosis and control function of the vehicle controller, The name Monaco is derived from the modular analyzer used in vehicle traffic
3.DTS Monaco covers all the tasks in the field of engineering, testing and production test preparation
4.When Mercedes-Benz maintenance test it is the greatest authority,the perfect support for C4(SDconnect) and (Ecom) Hardware(at present, Das-xentry.Vediamo lower authority)
DTS-monaco special feature:
1.Quick Test: Entire vehicle ECU quick test, and the test can choose to edit more
2.Variant Coding: Coding with variation add VO- delete VO function
3.ID identification: One click to read the whole car and save all modules programmed numbers
4.Complete Variant Coding: One time to read all the ECU coding vehicle data, can be written to the vehicle again, completely off-line operation
5.Diagnostic Services: Advanced features can see your choice of internal and external data module, turn on the computer authorization(not driving license), Activate ECU, reset ECU, modifying the original chassis number
6.Flash programming: Fully offline programming
7.Diagnostic Trouble Code: Diagnostic module DTC fault code
8.ECU Exchange: Two of the same ECU, by reading data import data exchange
9.Symbolic trace: Record and track the file, after repeated viewing, analysis of fault logic point




VVDI Prog EZS/EIS Adapter Promotion

Good news: VVDI Prog EZS/EIS 37% OFF


Bad news: you have to wait for a few days (even months) after you finish payment!

Pre-order accepted only! (many people are looking for it and the Xhorse is making it)


It was 279 euro

It is 175 euro! (37% off)


  1. 1.don't need to solder
  2. data perfectly
  3. 3.Can be external power to light when working
  4. 4.easy to operate, Transparent material, better to Observe.


The adapter kit can be used

for W164(ST12),

for W169(ST12),

for W203(HC08),

for W209/211(ZWG),

for W209/211(HC12),

for W211(ST12),

for W215/220/230,

for W639(HC08),


for VITO W639(ST12).


How to:

It's easy to use MB adapter with VVDI-Prog: just put the lock (EIS/EZS) on the corresponding adapter socket and fix it; then read data directly through VVDI, without soldering


vvdi-prog-mercedes-adapter-how-to-use-1 vvdi-prog-mercedes-adapter-how-to-use-2 vvdi-prog-mercedes-adapter-how-to-use-3 vvdi-prog-mercedes-adapter-how-to-use-4 vvdi-prog-mercedes-adapter-how-to-use-5