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How to program OPEL Corsa 2008 key by Lonsdor K518s

Lonsdor K518s is tailored and perfect for vehicle locksmith with powerful functions. It supports Immobilization, Odometer adjustment etc. and can be used for European, American, Asian cars. Here share the step-by-step guide to use K518S to program keys to OPEL Corsa 2008.


Connect LONDSOR K518S auto key programmer to vehicle via OBD

Insert original key into vehicle to start the car


Enter LONDSOR K518S menu

Go to Immobilization-> OPEL-> IMMO->Select from vehicle-> Corsa-D-> Immobilizer


Downloading application…

Relevant operation display

lonsdor-k518-add-new-keys-to-opel-corsa-2008-3 lonsdor-k518-add-new-keys-to-opel-corsa-2008-4

Select “Read PIN code”


Please switch ignition ON, and click “OK”


Verifying PIN code, please wait…

Lonsdor K518S key programmer detects the anti-theft PIN code: 5457


Select “Add key”


Insert unprogrammed key and turn ignition ON


It shows currently programmed keys is 1


Enter 4-digit PIN code and then click “OK”


Make sure the input pin code is correct

Click “OK” to continue

Currently programmed key is 2


Switch the ignition off

Switch the ignition on, click “OK” to continue

K518S Programming Opel Corsa complete


Remote and start the car successfully



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Xhorse mb tool do Benz W207 2012 All Keys Lost

W207 -2012 all keys lost done thanks xhorse for this device

Upload images...

Step 1: load eis file with password

support motorola eeprom dump

Step 2: select key position for the key file

select the key file mat

press button "prepare key file"

password calculation:

Step 1: select a working key, communication mode and chassis

Step 2: press "data acquisition" and follow the steps below:

  1. connect to the device - vvdi mb power adapter - obd cable - cable obd
  2. connect the IR adapter to vvdi mb tool
  3. data acquisition
  4. 50% complete
  5. 100% complete
  6. Save acquisition data

Step 3: press "upload data" to send acquisition data

Step 4: press "query test" to get result


this the vvdi mb tool for w207 all keys lost:

the car w207 2012

test the new keys: working

(Credits to Ameer Hasan for the test)


Attach questions and answers with more details that might help you.


You make it on the bench or obd?



What's better, leads on bench or vvdi prog and ezs adaptor set ?
What is better coverage and faster for all key lost

better on bench read pass 18 minutes only with fast adapter safe and secure

I see you use vvdi mb and leads to connect on bench
There is also vvdi prog with the ezs adaptor 10pc kit. No soldering involved too.
So was wondering which way is quicker or more efficient 

some of vvdi prog ezs adapters not same pin outs also why would i open eis while I can make it with one. Cable and read pass unless I dont wanna lose a token !!!

Does it use just 1 token on bench with cable in total ?
You will need 2 tokens on AKL on bench , Adapter 0 tokens

Ezs is easy to open once removed to put into the adaptors ?
I think I will buy that 10pcs vvdi prog adaptor set. Save expensive token price


(many thanks to Ameer Hasan and Scott Gore for sharing what they know with all bros)

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Launch CRP808 read BMW 2015 fault code

LAUNCH CRP808  supports system-wide basic diagnostic functions including reading DTC, clearing DTC and reading data stream, and 5 common service and reset functions.

Here share how to use Launch CRP808 to read fault code on BMW 2015.


Enter Launch CRP808 Menu

Click “OBD II”


In process, please wait…

SCAN RESULTS as below, then click “OK”


Select “Read Data Stream”-> “Read Status After DTCS Cleared”

launch-x431-crp808-read-fault-code-3 launch-x431-crp808-read-fault-code-4

Click “Diagnose”-> “BMW”

Read Vehicle Version information as below


Click “Automatically Search”


It shows vehicle information and configuration

And then click “NEXT”


Select “System Scan”


Select “Health Report”


LAUNCH CRP808 PRO read BMW fault code

Click “Report” to continue


BMW fault code report shows successfully



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