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How to read and write 35080XXX odometer with VVDI Prog Programmer

35160DW chip tips and guides- What you have to know

This is: How to read and write 35080XXX,35160XXX,95XXX odometer with a VVDI Prog Programmer:

you MUST have: a new 35160DW chip for VVDI Prog


Reasons for to get the chip:

1.Replaced M35160WT XDPG31CH Adapter

2.Stable and reliable

3.Perfect replacement of original chip

4.Refuse the red dot, no need simulator soldering


XHORSE 35160DW adapter, working together with VVDI Prog, can fix the red dot without emulator,
it can perform as the same stable and reliable as the original one.

This VVDI Prog 35160DW chip is for the new BMW.
If you use the current market equipment to adjust the mileage, the meter will display a red dot.
What is the support for replacing the following chip? It is a chip that is specially used for this chip.

application: the chip is used for  35080XXX, 35160XXX, 95XXX, etc. (e.g. M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080V6, M35080VP, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ,36160WT,35128WT) from the ST company


directly solder the 35160dw chip on the board with 8 pin from the vvdi prog  standard package





Step 1. read and backup data of 3 areas (memory, LONGID, IDLOCATION) from the original dashboard IC

note: have to read and write data with the latest vvdi prog software (will be released soon)


Step 2. write the backup-data to 3 areas on the chip

if the first two lines of the chip need change mileages, pls click on "Erase INC" on the bop right corner and then read out data

if the first two lines display all zeros, manually enter a new mileage for change

directly click on "Write" then done!

Step 3. solder the fixed chip on the dashboard to check if it starts or not, with or without a red dot

The last: the 35160dw chip is NOT re-writable!!!!!!!!!!

Xhorse Software Download:


Yanhua ACDP mini is confirm to work perfectly with BMW 35160WT

Tested successfully! Yanhua ACDP mini is confirm to work perfectly with BMW 35160WT - able to read and write odometer.

you should have an 35160WT simulator



The simulator is used for those 35160WT chips that cannot be erased. It also works for M35080/ M35080-3/ M35080-6/ M35080V6/ M35080VP/ D80DOWQ/ 160DOWQ/ 35160WT*/ 35128W for dashboard odometer correction.

The test... Here you go.

solder the 35xx chip on the meter to the specified location of the simulator

pay attention to the chip direction

acdp-36150-read-write-km-1 acdp-36150-read-write-km-2

Connect the emulator to the mini usb cable, plug in the computer usb interface


add a new folder on your Desktop, such as folder named "mileage modification"

copy the compressed file named 35xx mileage modification tool.rar to the folder "mileage modification"

extract it to the current folder, get the 35xx mileage modification tool.exe file

copy the 35160 original data to the folder "mileage modification"

acdp-36150-read-write-km-4 acdp-36150-read-write-km-5

enter the mileage data you want to modify as prompted

(note the mileage you want to put with a unit like xxxkm or xxxmi)

then press enter to confirm and the new data will be automatically generated

acdp-36150-read-write-km-7 acdp-36150-read-write-km-6

delete the 35160 simulated data


copy the new data generated in the "mileage modification" folder to the "35xx memory" u disk


replug the simulator

acdp-36150-read-write-km-10 acdp-36150-read-write-km-11

data comparison

if the data is the same, the operation is successful

solder the simulator to the instrument chip location

acdp-36150-read-write-km-12 acdp-36150-read-write-km-13 acdp-36150-read-write-km-14



Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW CAS New Update

Yanhua Mini ACDP CAS1 - CAS4 data renew update on March 7,2019

CAS1 (0K50E) renew

CAS2 (2k79x) renew

CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew

CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew.

Attach several images for the update:

  1. CAS1 (0K50E) renew

  1. CAS2 (2k79x) renew

  1. CAS3  (0L01Y/0L15Y/0M23S) renew

  1. CAS4 (1L15Y / 5M48H /1N35H) ICP renew.


The EEPROM data of CAS1 - CAS4 can be renew. First load the EEPROM data from the other car, then modify the car frequency, VIN, ISN code and other information to generate new EEPROM data. So that it can solve the problem that the CAS EEPROM data lost or the CAS module damage and the EEPROM data can't be read out and the CAS module needs to be changed.

Step 1:
Prepare the EEPRON data for the corresponding chip model and copy the data to the APP path: ":/ Atmatch/bmw/CAS4/CAS_Renew', then select the corresponding EEPROM file for parameter calculation.

Step 2
Enter the VIN number, vehicle frequency, ISN code, etc that need to be modified, modify the loaded data and save it, the device will automatically clear the CAS mileage.

Step 3
Write the saved new EEPROM data to the CAS module, then load the CAS module

Step 4
After the module is loaded, if the vehicle cannot be started, or the "Direction lock" is displayed on the meter, please synchronize the ELV or DME according to the situation.

Step 5:
Use professional equipment to clear the trouble codes of the vehicle.

The original car key is invalid and you need to relearn the new key to start the car.


Learn more please click Yanhua BMW ACDP