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How to do CAS 3 ++ ista-p by vvdi prog and vvdi2

Question: Can I do CAS 3 ++ ista-p by vvdi prog and vvdi2? I have a one operating KEY (keyless)

Answer: Yes. it's easy. about how to add a new key, there are some on youtube.

Here is suggestion from the experienced users.

Tony Curran:

Pretty easy, takes around 10 minutes after downgrading cas

All obd with vvdi2

Arturs Bedre:

Strongly suggest You take out cas & do this on table. Read out eeprom and make key with eeprom data ...

Curtis C J Perry: 

I'd do this bench. It's so much safer (downgrading can corrupt flash data) and you have the benefit of having the Immo data for new keys in the future. Creating a backup of EEPROM and Flash is crucial IMO

Andy James:

Yes, take out cas and read eeprom with vvdi prog. You can get Isn from working key, then do file make key with the Isn and your done

No downgrade needed!



Where to downlaod Scania Multi Spare parts catalog

Free download Scania Multi (10.2018) - Spare parts catalog: (unknown security) (tested 100%)

What is Scania Multi:

Scania Multi is a original Scania electronic part catalogue for Scania trucks, buses, other heavy vehicles, marine and industry grade engines. ... Scania Multi provides all necessary information about Scania trucks, buses, other heavy vehicles, industry and marine grade engines.


Why do you need Scania Multi:

Scania Multi contains the information on spare parts, accessories for Scania cars and buses. All data is presented since 1985 for trucks, chassis-P, GR, T, 3, 4, 5 buses and F-Series, K-, N-series SCANIA, for all regions (different equipment and performance). Contains manuals and repair times. Scania Multi is one of the most advanced workshop information systems on the market. Using the chassis number, it is possible to individually tailor all the information needed to carry out servicing, fault-tracing and repairs on each individual vehicle, thus enhancing the quality and precision of the workshop's operations. At the same time, the customer benefits from a shorter standstill time.

Time savings and better quality for the customer
• Precision: the right parts, times and operations from the very outset.
• Easily accessible information: quick searching, only relevant information.
• Rapid response: cost estimate at the first contact.
• Many languages: information in 9 languages increases precision and speed.
• Simple updating: only current information is found in the system.
• The workshop of the future: everyone at the Scania workshop has access to the information in Scania Multi, which makes for a flexible organisation.
• Local modifications are simple: Scania Multi is structured so that special adaptations can be integrated for each specific market.

Scania-Multi-Spare-parts-catalog-download-2 Scania-Multi-Spare-parts-catalog-download-3 Scania-Multi-Spare-parts-catalog-download-4

How to use Scania Multi:

We recommend to use Scania Multi with whole kit of Scania diagnostic software like Scania SDP3Scania XCOMScania SOPS file Encryptor/Decryptor to get the most of its functionality

What trucks can be tested by Scania Multi:

  • P-, G-, R-, T- series trucks, 4 series trucks (94,114,124,144,164 ).
  • 3 series trucks, F-, K-, N- series buses, 4 series buses (F94, K/L/N 94, K114/124, CN94, CL94).
  • 3 series buses E 2011 P96 (9 (5cyl).
  • Industry grade engines 9 and 13, 13 and 16 Marine engines.


Launch X431 HD Heavy duty adapter review

The original Launch X431 Pad use Android OS. I think the app for X431 adapter can be use with the Android device without X431 Pad original!


I'm using the link - it can be install ited on any appropriate android:

I have Launch X431 HD adapter:


Question and answer:


the device X431HD can work with 12V in the car? Or only truck? 

It can work on both cars and trucks if you have the appropriate subscription.
Also, the good folks who manage x-diag pro can hook you up with the subscription to cover both trucks and cars, ie 12v and 24v.


So this download is useless without subscription of $100's per year ?

For 12v truck easydiag can work if you have files ect  But for 24v truck u will blown unit  Original Xpro3 or launch devices for truck 24v use adaptor to protect unit .


the launch hd2 module can be activated to run x-diag pro s with both 12v and 24v car lines. I had mine done about a year ago. The guys on here who are doing it can hook you up.PM me if you need any further assistance.