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Yanhua ACDP decrypt BMW CAS33+ data failed Solution

When using Yanhua ACDP to read CAS3/3+ by ICP, all pin detection passes, but the data cannot be read, why?

Error images shown as below:

Answer: If the above problem occurs, the decryption progress bar will reach 100%. But in normal cases, the chip decryption progress bar will not reach 100%. At the moment, Need to detect whether the ETX and C-GND pins of the CAS3/3+ interface board are in good connection. The data can only be decrypted when the pin detection passes and ETX and C-GND pins in good connection.
The ETX and C-GND pin interface board locations are shown as below:


Maserati diagnostic review: using Launch X431 scan tool

Review and advice: Launch X431 Pro 3 and Maserati


The Launch X431 PRO 3 scan tool is what interprets the numbers into the algorithm of the clutch wear.

So for instance, if I have a GS in front of me, it will take the closed clutch position and the new closed clutch position. These are the only numbers the NCR provides. The Scan tool is what takes those numbers, subtracts them, divides it from the thickness of a new clutch, multiplies it, and gives you the actual clutch wear. That algorithm is done with the software of the scan tool. So, if that's off the reading is off, when you write the new parameters into the NCR it will be off, and the PIS will be off. If it misreads the new closed clutch position, with the closed clutch position you have no foundation for the algorithm either.

I can give you an example, I actually did a PPI on a GS about 6 months ago. Well the gentleman selling the car actually took the car to someone I've always felt was reputable. So I thought the gentleman selling the car was well to put it lightly embellishing what the actual clutch wear was in order to sell the car. I called the gentleman who did the clutch wear read out, KNOWING there's no way he misread it. He looked up the data from the receipt and actually confirmed what the guy told me. I was beside myself, but he did read it with the Leo system and the read out was definitely wrong. I double checked my readings, and the algorithm to be sure I read it correctly. My read out was in line with a PPI that was done a year and half earlier by a Maserati dealership using the SD2/3 as well.

My point to this is, even using the Leo he somehow messed up the read out. But that being stated if you had a scan tool that far off to begin with, you don't want to mess with your car or someone else's. I'm glad Dave posted this from Aldous because what he is saying is true. If you're not careful you'll write something into the NCR that will have a huge impact on the drive-ability of the car. Then once it's done, how do you get it back to where it was with an inaccurate scan tool? Even with a good scan tool, once you write the new closed position in wrong, when you take the accurate scan tool you'll be guessing at what it should be new. Round and round it will go.


The only way I can know the accuracy of the scan tool is to have it in front of me, someone asked me about it being a Unicorn if it could do what the gentleman said it could. Now that we have data from a reliable source, namely Voicey/J that has done this, I would say, no it's not a Unicorn. It's seems to be a good way to comatose the vehicle you are working on. Seems Jason is echoing the same thing with the updates. So, anyway, I'm glad we had guys chimed in on it before someone did mess their car up.

Download: Launch X431 Pro 3 Maserati Car List

launch-x431-pro-3-maserati-1 launch-x431-pro-3-maserati-2 launch-x431-pro-3-maserati-3

Tech support from


What did I do with Tech 2 clone for Cadillac and Hummer H3?

My Tech 2 clone finally got here. Took a few weeks to get it but it looks great so far. Now I just have to figure out how to use it properly lol. I was looking into scanners and most can't read anything but engine codes. Did some research on some other forums and a bunch of people have had really good luck with these clones.


$295 off

Got a chance to try it out today on my wife's Cadillac and my Hummer h3. She has been having an issue with her abs light coming on then going off. I suspected a wheel sensor but my blue tooth scanner wouldn't pick it up. Hooked up the tech 2 and scanned the brake module for codes and I got c0050 for the right rear abs sensor.


Also I did a check of all 28 modules in the car and pulled some misfire codes even no CEL was on. The cool thing is that it records the event so you can see exactly what was happening at the time the code occurred. For instance the c0050 shows me steering angle, speed, and a whole bunch of other things. The misfire codes shows me engine speed (rpm), ect, iat, spark, o2, maf, etc.


My h3 has had a CEL on - po452. I wanted to check it with the tech 2. Well it pulls 3 codes, po455 (large evap leak), po442 (small evap leak), and po449 (vent solenoid control).


Overall, I am very impressed with the quality and capabilities. I don't see any reason why I won't be able to program modules, etc. I will need to get the Tis2000 software loaded up for that.