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The Guide of Cutting Dimple Keys: Done With SEC-E9 Automatic Key Machine

SEC-E9 CNC Automatic Key Machine can cut various key including automobile keys, motorcycle keys, dimple keys etc. It’s easy to work out and has a light weight, small size. This process will show you how to cut a dimple key with Sec-E9.

Connect the power adaptor at first and turn the switch to clockwise to power on


Fix the automobile key clamp


Fix the decoder and cutter.

Sec-E9-CNC-Automatic-Key-Machine-4 Sec-E9-CNC-Automatic-Key-Machine-3

Put the calibration block on the clamp and tighten it


Click the ‘setup’ button and then press ’First Next’ button to enter the Calibration menu


Press ‘star’ button to calibrate the distance between decoder and cutter. The decoder origin is automatically done.


Click the image of ‘Change tool to decoder, ready?’ to continue the calibration



Disassemble the car key clamp, then fix dimple key clamp.

Fix calibration block on it and click the icon on the screen


Press the ‘close’ button to go back to home page, and then press ‘setup’ button to the ‘device setup’ interface.


Press ’decoder’ button and choose ‘dimple key clamp’ to calibrate the decoder length


Remove two standard decoders. Install dimple cutter and dimple decoder.


Press ‘decoder’ button and choose ‘dimple key clamp’ to calibrate the decoder length

And then press ‘cutter’ button and choose ‘dimple key clamp’ to calibrate the cutter length

After that, select key brand and model to enter the key page


Press ‘decode’ button on enter decoding page


Check if the original key can work well and then fix the original key on key clamp, please use stopper to guide the position


Press ‘decode’ button to start decoding


The biting number is displayed on the screen


Take away the original key can fix A side of new blank. Then take away the stopper which to guide the position

Press ’Cut’ button. Choose cutting speed and position according to key type. Click ‘Cut’ to start cutting, please remember to close the safe gate!




Cutting is done. Open the safe gate. Clean the clamp and new key. Take out the new key.

Fix the B side. Please use a stopper to guide the position.

Press ‘Cut’ button to start cutting the second side please remember to close the safe gate.


You can have a try if the new key works after the last cutting.


More Key Cutting Machine Tech Support:


Should I have Nexiq 2 or Inline 7 for truck diagnostics?

Look here: The new Cummins Inline 7 and Nexiq USB Link 2, Good or not?

Copy some ideas from forums:

  1. I would try to set it up as a Nexiq USB link 2. Since it's the same tool in a different package it may work. Not sure though, never tried it. I have never used NED either so cant offer much there. Others will chime in surely.
  1. Inline 7will not work with either of those or DDDL 7.0 or higher. Nexiq is always best bet.
  1. We don't use Inline 7. Navistar's primary interface is the Nexiq. Inline 7 is on our list but not fully supported and will not work with older programs and must be used with Windows 7 or 10 only. Make sure you have the latest Inline driver.


It’s easy to find that Nexiq USB Link 2 is more populous, as a heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool.

But the winner is always not Nexiq 2.

First you’d better know the main difference of Nexiq USB Link 2 and Cummins Inline 7.

  1. Inline 7 has wifi and bluetoothat the time, nexiq only one at a time.
    2. Nexiq 2 has more protocols than Inline 7, for example the Inline 7 does not work with Hino, Toyota, Isuzu.
  2. Inline 7 runsslightly faster.

You can use Inline 7 for everything from ddct to jpro and n14.

From old to new, it works great for programming real fast.

And sometimes cummins only like cummins adapters, like n14 m11 570 stuff like that in some users’ experience at least.


AURO IM600 and Autel MaxiSys Elite, which one is better?

The main difference of Autel MaxiSys Elite and AURO OtoSys IM600 is that:

Autel MaxiSys Elite can program ECUs from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, while AURO cannot....

AURO OtoSys IM600 is able to work as an odometer correction tool, but Autel is not cable to do this...


What is Autel MaxiSys Elite:

MaxiSys Elite is a professional ECU programming tool made by Autel. It’s verified to work perfectly with J2534 ECU programmer.


What is Auro OtoSys IM600?

Auro OtoSys IM600 is designed as an integrated auto diagnostic and programming tool, esp. car for key programming.