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Which pad best for ECU programming

Look here: ArtiPad I vs. Launch Pad III vs. Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P vs. MaxiSys Elite

what is Topdon ArtiPad I:


TOPDON ArtiPad I is a high quality Comprehensive Diagnostic Tool Combination with Vehicles ECU Coding & online Programming for BENZ BMW VW AUDI and Ford. It is an evolutionary intelligent scanner for vehicels diagnoses based on the multitask-capable Android operating system. This smart tool supply quick and complete diagnoses to solve problems more efficiently, significantly decrease downtime and increase revenue.TOPDON ArtiPad I is your best choice.


what is Launch Pad III:


X-431 PAD III is Launch’s new high-end car fault diagnostic device based on the Android system. It inherits Launch’s many advantages in car fault diagnostic technologies, including large car model coverage, powerful functions, a large number of special functions, and accurate test data. Car fault diagnosis can be implemented for all car models and systems by connecting the car diagnosis connector to mobile intelligent terminals via Bluetooth. In addition, X-431 PAD III supports extension module applications for oscilloscopes, sensors, endoscopes, multimeters, and battery detection.

what is AUtel MaxiSys:


Autel MaxiSys is built to offer many of the prestigious qualities of the MaxiDAS DS708 with extreme ease of use and powerful diagnostic performance. However the MaxiSys has evolved far beyond the original capabilities. It is the perfect diagnostic solution for shops and technicians who demand unrivalled smart technology and smart repairs.


ArtiPad I vs. Launch Pad III vs. Autel MaxiSys:


ArtiPad I wins in:

  1. the screen size (12 inch)
  2. the best vehicle coverage (133 cars worldwide)
  3. ECU programming & coding (BMW, BENZ, AUDI, FORD, GM, VW):


To fix some of these issues, like Drivability, Fuel Efficiency, Power Loss, Fault Codes, and Durability of Mechanical Parts, ArtiPad I, equipped with the best possible coverage for online programming, supports the ECU Programming & Coding function for the most common vehicle makes on the road – BMW, BENZ, AUDI, FORD, GM, and VW. Combined with the APP, the diagnostic tool provides you with the extreme ease of vehicle maintenance.


Notice: Online Programming needs operators to enable the access authority. Contact us for details after purchase.

Coding – also known as Teach-in Program and Component Adaptation, used to reprogram adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or replacements of vehicle parts;


Reprogramming – download newest version of software subscription from the online server database through internet access, and reprogram the software version to vehicle’s ECU.

Autel_ArtiPad_Difference_4 Autel_ArtiPad_Difference_1 Autel_ArtiPad_Difference_2 Autel_ArtiPad_Difference_3


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New CAS2 Key & Remote VVDI2 Makes Cannot Start the Car

Look here: (Solved) 2006 BMW CAS2 slot key non comfort access.

Purpose: Add a new key to CAS2

Car: 2006 3 series


Already have one working key just adding another.

Key was purchased from Transponder Island, cheap non logo key.



Used VVDI2 to add key to empty slot #4, car starts but remote doesn't work. Try again, now neither key will start the car.

Car just cranks over and over.

Tried CAS-ELV sync, Clear DTC, Clear Shadow, nothing works.

1 2


That is,

The key start the car and the remote didn’t

Then the car didn’t start at all

Tips and guides:


(BIG THANKS to Alejandro Formoso Romano)

It's cas / DME... cas-code DME

everything fine just click on write ...put jumper leads on battery...and then we work from that.

It's just a lost sync between CAS and DME cause a low voltage battery

Keep battery above 12v

Then click on cas dme sync and try to start ...if doesn't just keep syncing

Result: Done! Both the key and remote work perfect!

VVDI2 Xhorse is confirmed to add a new key to Cas2 from a 2006 3 series.


Vxdiag SUBARU SSM 3 FREE Download

Subaru SSM software download link for Vxdiag:

04.2018 SSM 3 Vxdiag download:

Password: bycy

2017 SSM 3 Vxdiag download on Mega:!gdMliJwT!3VfuE3Kgb7fEgJYFihHESQNSA6pnmh...

Both tested 100% with Vxdiag Subaru Multi Diag Tool:

What is Subaru SSM 3?

Subaru Select Monitor III (SSM-III) is a powerful fault diagnosis and reprogramming device that has been developed utilizing the latest advanced technology.

Subaru SSM 3 review:

I have one off The only time it came in handy was when i used it to recalibrate the steering angle sensor. The software was a pain to get setup and working properly.

It definitely does more than a regular scanner (FreeSSM cable), but I rarely use those features. In fact, you don't need a scanner at all to access DTCs and ABS codes. Just plug the diagnostic connectors together and do a couple other things that I can't remember and the codes will flash in the gauge cluster.

It just depends on if you think having complete access to all the systems in the car is worth it. It's nice to have when I need it. I had a VDC code that was for the steering angle sensor. Rather than go to the dealer, I just busted out the knock off SSM and calibrated it in the driveway.

Some things I couldn't get to work. I tried to reprogram a new key with it, but you need a code from the dealer. I also messed up my TPMS. I was messing around and accidentally cleared the calibration. To recalibrate them you need a special tool that puts the sensors into learning mode. I never could find a reasonably priced tool that was verified to work with my sensors.

So, if you feel all the features are worth it then you'll like it. At this point it's just a novelty for me. I haven't used it in a long, long time. I posted up a screen shot of the menu for SSM III, so you can see all the different things you can access.

Another thing to consider is that it is a pain to get to work. SSM requires a code to gain access. I had to search all over the internet to figure out how to get it working properly. It's been so long I can't remember exactly how I did it. I still get error codes when trying to connect to my car, but it connects just fine.

Subaru-SSM-3-review-1 Subaru-SSM-3-review-2