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OPCOM V2010 reads dump Corsa D 1.0: Done!

This is for an opel/vauxhall corsa D 1.0 with a damaged body controller, and tips here may help you how to read the dump and put it to a new body controller.

Here are suggestion and solutions from real pros. Hope it’s helpful!


Upa vs Xprog vs Opcom:

Locate 96c86 8 pin eeprom on back of board.. has to be removed to read, or if you get bcm with pin you can reset & program easy with opcom.. good luck!!


1 more option would be to swap the 93c86:

First you have to get pin code for both ecu, then mount your new ecu go to engine,programming and reset ecu you will be asked to enter pin code for this ecu, one time ecu rested go to immobilizer, programming, security code, here enter your car code and you will find program ecm highlited and then done

.. good luck


If you read the dump, you can post the dump in a reliable forum & some fellow will look over it for you... They do have a habit of corrupting tho after jump starting... that's why the opcom route is good!


Sometimes, dump looks like ok, but hard to tell for sure.. vin is:...., MKN:..., Immo pin would have to come from display unit, Opcom is best for you.. looks like you will need a donor unit with pin (Or dispay/stereo/airbag unit as well to get pin), good luck!


In short, Op-com the best!


First you will need security pass for your car (little card in service wallet or from main dealer £30ish) and a replacement ECU either reset or wth pin, fit the donor ecu and with your Op-com go into engine menu & reset it using that units pin (if it is not already reset), then go into immobiliser - programming, enter your cars pin - this will allow programming options - click on engine controller fitted, it should return a message 'ECM programmed successfully', switch ignition off for a few seconds and all done...


THE MOST IMPORTANT is to have the pin for the 'new' ECU, or ECU to be in reset state, if not have it may reset it using carprog, then the procedure is very easy, install 'new' ECU, go to instrument and read pin, in imobiliser program 'new' ECU, then go to instrument, reset, then reprogram, at the end BCM reset and reprogram and that's all...

if not have way to read pin or reset ECU, you may read VIN from it using op-com and ask the pin from dealer...


Good luck!


Edit to update: If you virginize the eprom, you cannot teach in the bcm with launch diagun 3.

Definitely no! I have had this also before... Virginising the eeprom is a no go and I'm sure launch won't program this.. seriously you will need good ol' Op-com interface, and you will need a pin for your car and donor unit, you can get a cheap Chinese Op-com 2010 for about £20, the original is obviously much better as always but costs over £600.. The cheap clone will work for you..


VVDI MB Tool adds a new Motorola key

Here is how to explain the old Motorola key on a Mercedes with VVDI:

There is a key, the idea is to add a new key


There is a way to read the Motorola dump by vvdi Prog


Check you will see it hco5….. , from the Motorola dump you will get the key password . You can then read the eis obd2 by Vvdi mb , punch the key password into the eis dump, calc keys you are done . you can also desolder the Motorola and read it by orange 5ak500… lots of choices… easy job


Read password with vvdi mb using the the Special adapter and then read the dump by obd using obd reading function, paste the pass inside the dump and then you have ready dump include password to generates new keys



JMC Car Key Copy: Handy Baby Generation II vs. Generation I

Here will come the new JMC car key copy: Handy Baby Generation II. So what’s the difference of Handy Baby new and old versions?

Look at the chart:

Car key programmer JMC Handy Baby II JMC Handy Baby
Image  handy-baby-ii-vs-handy-baby-i handy-baby-i-vs-handy-baby-ii
ALL FUNCTIONS that Handy Baby I support (Note 1) Improved Support
Simulate customized 246/28/4D chip Support NOT Support
Decode 246/28/4D remote Support NOT Support
Copy access card Support most access cards Support type T5
Unlock a smart key card Support NOT Support
Generate a remote Support NOT Support
Support a smart voice system Support NOT Support
Copy a garage remote Support NOT Support
Generate/Copy 8C Support NOT Support
Connect to APP via Bluetooth Support NOT Support
Safe all-keys-lost mode (with JMD assistant) Support NOT Support
MQB + Dashboard odometer correction (with JMD assistant) Support Support
Simulate T5/47/AES chips Support NOT Support
Generate/Copy 40/42/44 Support NOT Support

Note 1: 
Handy Baby I & II Basic Function:

  • Transponderscloning : 46/4D/4C/64/13/12/11/33/42
  • ID48 cloning:96 bit ID48(changeable uid), dell-phi immo box, part of VW, Fiat, Audi, Volvo, Honda etc. (requires Assistant Adapter for Handy Baby)
  • DST80 copy: Toyota 72 "G Chip" (requires G Chip Authorization purchase), Ford 4D83 (online), Hyundai/Kia 4D70
  • Chip transfer: 4D60/60 Plus transfer to 4D63/83 cars
  • Transponder simulation
  • Read/write: 46/48/4D/4D Plus/8A
  • Transponders reading: 11/12/13/33/40/41/42/44/46/47/48/60/60 Plus/61/62/63/63 Plus 64/65/66/67/68/69/6A/6B/70/71/72G/73/8A/49 and smart keys etc.
  • Chip generation: 60/61/62/63/64/65/67/68/6A/6B/71/60 Plus/63 Plus/72G etc.
  • Chip generation: different format data of ID46
  • Frequency and modulationremote tester
  • ECU signal/data stream of ID46/key type (all lost) detect
  • Free online updates