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Two Method to refresh BMW Key

This article mainly provides the guide to refresh BMW key by Mini ACDP and  Yanhua ACDP module 7 on PC/ iOS. Here takes E chassis key- 868MHz (5WK49125) as an example.

Method 1: Yanhua Mini ACDP refresh BMW key on PC


Connect all the devices well

Guide to connect ACDP basic module, OBP+ICP adapter, BMW key interface board and key PCB reference:


Enter the Mini ACDP software on PC

Click on “BMW”-> “Key refresh”-> “E chassis key”-> “868MHz (5WK49125)”

Confirm ACDP device and BMW key connection

Resetting key…

Reset key success


Method 2: Yanhua Mini ACDP refresh BMW key on iOS


Operate the same steps as on PC

Open Mini ACDP APP on iOS

Select “BMW”-> “Key refresh”-> “E chassis key”-> “868MHz (5WK49125)”

Please kindly notice:

1.When you are using hot-spot to connect ACDP device and mobile phone, make sure the screen is bright.

2.Don’t quit the application, keep it running

3.Don’t dial in the operating equipment

Connect network and device success

Make sure the ACDP and BMW key connect well

Resetting key…

Reset key success

Hope it helps you!

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