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New HU66 car lock decoder review

New type HU66 car lock decoder released in 2019. It’s a good locksmith tool for reading key code and opening car door in 10 seconds. Here I’d like to share my experience with you.

I bought hu66 version 2019 two months ago. It cost me 66 euro free shipping at (The price has been reduced to 59 euro now)


The new hu66 lockpick came with a lightweight box. Very easy to take and put.


It’s different from Lishi 2 in 1 auto lock pick and decoder.




I used new hu66 to read key code and open the car door. So easy to use, open the car door quickly.

Another test is on VW Passat 2007

Let’s watch the video directly! Test successfully!



What VXDIAG BENZ Star C6 Work For?

Here I’d like to share my experience on VXDIAG BENZ Star C6. Hope it helps!

I bought VXDIAG BENZ Star C6 last month, and used it to test on Mercedes. I post how to use VXDIAG Benz C6 to code Mercedes 221 ME9.7 and R300 last time.

Now I want to share how to code online for Mercedes W205 by VXDIAG Benz C6.

VXDIAG Benz C6 hardware and software info display


VXDIAG Benz star C6 licenses display


Double click on “BENZ” to open XENTRY software

Note: You can see the update date of software at the bottom right.


Benz C6 automatically indentify vehicle data (except old models)

Please kindly notice:

If the model series you are looking for is not listed here, switch directly to your replacement parts ordering system or the Workshop Information System. Other model series can then be selected there.


Select “Automatically start quick test” in “Optional settings”


Quick test successfully

Click 41 control units-1 Error codes: F-1/ f-0/ i-0


Select “XENTRY TIPS” to login with user name and password

vxdiag-benz-star-c6-coding-for-mercedes-w205-r300-221-me9.7-8 vxdiag-benz-star-c6-coding-for-mercedes-w205-r300-221-me9.7-9

Click “XENTRY TIPS”-> “F+f”

Select “A26/17-Audio 20 (Audio)”

No fault code stored in the fault memory.

Click “Continue” button to next step


Select “Actuations”-> “Actuation of function ‘Ethernet communication (DoIP)’ to detect with VXDIAG C6 Benz


Click “play” button to test automatically

Open normal


Select “Adaptations” -> “Control unit update” -> “Updating of SCN coding” (Select this item for on-line coding (SCN)


Coding control unit “Audio 20”


The control unit reset is being performed


The SCN coding sequence has been completed successfully

Input the repair order number, and then click “Continue”

vxdiag-benz-star-c6-coding-for-mercedes-w205-r300-221-me9.7-16 vxdiag-benz-star-c6-coding-for-mercedes-w205-r300-221-me9.7-17

“The order report has not yet been printed out. Do you want to close the file without making a printout?”

Click “Yes” to exit


That’s all. Enjoy!


Guide to read BMW N20/ N13 by Mini ACDP

Q: Yanhua Mini ACDP can read BMW N20/ N13, which module should I buy? How to use?

A: There are two ways to solve this problem as below.

Method 1: Yanhua Mini ACDP+BMW ISN module 3 +PCAN cable

Method 2: Yanhua Mini ACDP+BMW ISN module 3+N20/N13 Engine Integrated Interface Board

In detail…

Method 1: Yanhua Mini ACDP+BMW ISN module 3 +PCAN cable

Operation procedures:

Prepare all the devices as below

Follow the images to connect Yanhua Mini ACDP to ECU with module 3 by PCAN cable

Disadvantage of this universal cable connection: Need to insert cables one by one according to diagram. Take long time and low efficiency.

Method 2: Yanhua Mini ACDP+BMW ISN module 3+N20/N13 Engine Integrated Interface Board

It’s easier and faster to use with Yanhua ACDP N20/ N13 engine Integrated Interface Board. Plug to use directly. Prevent wrong plug. It’s very simple and efficient.