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How to use KTM bench programmer and PCM flash software

Here are tips for someone using a KTM bench programmer and PCM flash software.

Tips includes:

  1. Network connection
  2. Programmer update
  3. Wiring Diagram
  4. Token use

in detail...

Here, take Peugeot Boxer 2014 SID208 read eeprom

SID208 is listed in PCMflash.

So, it's possible to read out eeprom with KTM bench programmer

The wiring: the same as Ktag.


The important notes:

  1. the laptop cannot be connected to the Internet
  2. the programmer cannot be updated

Dollars are required for device repair if you do with network connection or update that leads to something wrong with your device.

  1. the wiring diagram is different, depending on the ECU type

pls select the menu in PCMfalsh to read or write ECU data


It's not necessary to disassemble all 71 ECUs listed here.

Just connected by the BOOT cable

And GPT0 and GPT1 cables should be connected well

For example, the ECU EDC17C54 taken off the car

Then the ECU CPU should be TC1797

Just follow the wiring to connect the ECU

No need disassemble ECU!!!



In PCMfash software, choose 1798 CPU


Option [53] requires ECU disassembling and BOOT connection to read data.

Same as the way using cheap KTM flash cable or KTM flash 1.95 programmer

The steps:

First read password


Then read data


Disassemble ECUs or not?

That is a question.

Both have advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Easy and fast: you can read data for 5-10 minutes only, without disassembling an ECU.

usually, it will take more than 20 minutes to disassemble an ECU. it depends on personal technique and devices owned.

sometime, 1 hour is spent but the ECU has not been disassembled or even destroyed

  1. The original ECU is sealed.If it's disassembled, then ...
  2. Pls connect to the BOOT point with and ECU disassembled
  3. Pls seal the ECU after data is read out

On a side not,

No token limitation with KTM bench

Checksum is available when reading data


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