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Free download FRN KEY PROG 4 in 1 Software

Free download FRN KEY PROG 4 in 1 and true code software:!ECIWyACQ!Vkkd2af9kDAE0OrXRbXb8t2Cjy_Qte...

I posted here because it worked
I have received many,,no dongle.. no dongle
much attention to installation...after....
launches program with dongle in usb,
key,,ist dongle in usb,

FNR-key-prog-free-download-3 FNR-key-prog-free-download-4
installation method is in Google

look here: How to install FRN 4 in 1 (for reference only; maybe the sw version is different from what you have)

uust install the software on the FNR Key Prog according to the instructions from the CD.

  1. first- install the”fordupdate1.1.1″,second- install the “truecodesetup”
    2.copy the content of folder “ford crack” to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the FordOBD.exe,the f-ord software is OK now.
    3.copy the content of folder “FD CODE CALCULATOR” to the installed patch : C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files.,then run the F-ordOBD.exe,the f-ord software is OK now.
    4. copy the content of folder” rt ns” to C:XXX TrueCode ,replace the old files. then run the “TrueCode.exe”,the re-nault ni-ssan software is OK now.
    5.copy the content of folder “system32” to the windows system patch : C:WINDOWSsystem32


After installing the software, run FORD CODE.exe as administrator and configure the USB port for connecting the FNR Key Prog .


Configuring the USB port for connecting FNR Key Prog and language

You can set the configuration of the port and language manually in the appropriate files: settings.txt, lang.txt .


Configure the port and language manually in the appropriate files: settings.txt, lang.txt