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How to do CAS 3 ++ ista-p by vvdi prog and vvdi2

Question: Can I do CAS 3 ++ ista-p by vvdi prog and vvdi2? I have a one operating KEY (keyless)

Answer: Yes. it's easy. about how to add a new key, there are some on youtube.

Here is suggestion from the experienced users.

Tony Curran:

Pretty easy, takes around 10 minutes after downgrading cas

All obd with vvdi2

Arturs Bedre:

Strongly suggest You take out cas & do this on table. Read out eeprom and make key with eeprom data ...

Curtis C J Perry: 

I'd do this bench. It's so much safer (downgrading can corrupt flash data) and you have the benefit of having the Immo data for new keys in the future. Creating a backup of EEPROM and Flash is crucial IMO

Andy James:

Yes, take out cas and read eeprom with vvdi prog. You can get Isn from working key, then do file make key with the Isn and your done

No downgrade needed!


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