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Autel J-2534 No Communication Solution

There are many factors may cause loss of communication when doing Autel J2534 programming.

Here are some pointers specific to Autel and Java:


  • Connect the J-box to the PC. An icon should appear in the PC’s system tray.
  • Connect the J-box to the vehicle.
  • Open the GM / AC Delco software.


  1. Verify you are using the same version of Java as required by GM / AC Delco.
  2. If the Java version on your PC is newer than the one required by GM / AC Delco, you will have to ‘rollback’ to the version required.
  3. If the Java version on your PC is older than the one required by GM / AC Delco, you will have to update to the version required.
  4. After making these changes you may want to change Java’s default settings to DISABLE automatic updates.


Although not frequent, updates for the VCI and the J-box are released and should be installed.

  • Turn on Autel.
  • Click icon for VCI MANAGER.
  • Click the Update button.


Yanhua ACDP got error " open serial port failed

Offer two solutions to Yanhua Mini ACDP got error " open serial port failed, please check whether serial port is occupied" when installing on PC.

Here are two images showing the error:


Solution 1:

Firstly, use your phone to connect Yanhua ACDP with the WIFI. (How to connect Yanhua ACDP with your phone?)

Secondly, use your computer to connect Yanhua ACDP with the same WIFI as your phone.

Thirdly, unbind from mobile phone, then the computer will be connected automatically.


IOS System requirements:

1.System Version: 9.0 or more

2.Cell phone Models: iphone6 or more

3.Running Memory RAM:> 2G

4.Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G

Android System requirements:

1.System Version: 5.0 or more

2.Running Memory RAM:> 2G

3.Storage Space ROM:> 1.5G

Solution 2:

Buy one extra Bluetooth Adapter by Yanhua as below, if your phone operation system is incompatible.

After inserting this Yanhua Bluetooth Adapter, you can see the name is "USB Serial Port (COM2)" instead of "Bluetooth SPP Driver (COM10)".

Image: USB Serial Port (COM2) read by Mini ACDP.

Image: Bluetooth Adapter by Yanhua is inserted into ACDP and working fine.


Can I use my own Bluetooth adapter instead of the one from Yanhua?

Like this one:

Answer: Better buy the Bluetooth adapter from Yanhua. The price should be cheaper if you are a regular customer.


Autel J2534 driver installation instruction

Autel J2534 driver installation instruction:

- used for Autel ms908pmaxisys EliteJ2534 box

- download and install Maxisys j2534 Drivers and Printing Software

The PC drivers for the Autel j2534 and PC Link for wireless printing are included in the MaxiSys software suite available for download at:




Go to this page:


Click the path shown below…


Click AUTORUN to extract all the files and then click AUTORUN again to install it.


Click MaxiFlash Pro to install the drivers


Click INSTALL and then FINISH


Go to ALL PROGRAMS and click MAXIFLASH PRO to install the drivers.

The User Manual referenced below is attached to this email.