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Subaru SSM iii Windows XP/7/8/10 download and install

04.2018 Subaru SSM iii software download free:!pN9ggQSY!gFiAOun7DM_32_-MuQiUBACIhvy0Os...

Version: 04.2018

Password: NOT required

Security: Safe, 100% tested by pros working for

Subaru SSM protocolFully Compatible with SAE-J2534

Language: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian


Operation system:

Subaru SSM iii Windows XP: Confirmed!

Subaru SSM iii Windows 7: Need luck!

Subaru SSM iii Windows 8: Need luck!

Subaru SSM iii Windows 10: Need luck!


Vehicle: 12V and 24V Gasoline and Diesel Car

subaru select monitor iii cable: Vxdiag Subaru - confirmed to work perfectly!



Vxdiag Subaru diagnostics: confirmed!

Complete access to everything with the ability to read and clear codes and manipulate other features. More or less everything that the dealership can do.

It just depends on if you think having complete access to all the systems in the car is worth it. It's nice to have when I need it. I had a VDC code that was for the steering angle sensor. Rather than go to the dealer, I just busted out the knock off SSM and calibrated it in the driveway.

Vxdiag Subaru immo functions: confirmed!

It should perform “learning control” of TCM after clearing memory2 was done. So, it might be able to program a new remote. if you already know how to use SSM and you know it well enough to tell if this pirate copy is acting up vs. the real thing. It's not like they give you a license or support, so you'd better already know exactly what you're doing with it.

It is a bit different from most. I make and program keys for a living and for a while the SSM was the only thing that would program the prox fobs. Not true anymore but I still paid less for the VXdiag with software than I would for a single piece of software for my T-code pro. . and there are 3 for Subaru. I have one which only covers the earliest models.

btw, you have to have a NASTF LSID or be very good friends with a Subaru parts manager.

You need an immobilizer code (which is VIN specific) to program keys/fobs. It does not change so once you have it for your car you can go nuts. Odds are your dealer would probably give you YOUR immobilizer code if you shop there somewhat regularly. They may charge you for it as I know they have to pay a couple of bucks to mama subie for them.

There's also an 'enabling password' which is also static and I suppose is a very flimsy extra layer of security to protect the immobilizer features of the SSM. It's 3781.

Subaru SSM 3 review:

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