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Citroen Berlingo 2013 PIN codes read

Have tested two universal key programmers with Citroen Berlingo 2013.

Have a good success to read PIN codes!


Here you go...


The first test

Lonsdor K518ISE pulls PIN codes from Citroen 2013

Time: 1min 42s



The second test

Obdstar X300 Pro3 reads out PIN codes from Citroen 2013

Time: 2min 22s

obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-10 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-1 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-2 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-3 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-4 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-5 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-6 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-7 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-8 obdstar-key-master-citroen-2013-key-9



CGDI MB extend activation: How to + Why

The confusion of CGDI MB activation (first-time activation & extension) will be SOLVED after you finish your reading here.

CGDI-MB activation for the first time:

  1. Free download Benz Monster software from official website, go to the Download page and you will find the Benz Monster download. The user manual will be attached in the catalogue of the software as well.
  2. Install software on your laptop(working on Windows 7/8/10) and read out the serial number of your CGDI Prog Benz.
  3. Send this serial number to our customer service to active your CGDI MB. After finishing activation, restart CGDI Benz and the Benz Monster software. Then everything will be ready for use.

CGDI-MB how to extend activation:
Cost extend activation after 6 months 60$ (10 by month)
Only extend 6 months or 180 is accepted.


Why do you extend activation for CGDI-MB:

USERs still have 2 password and 10 time key generate by day (as before)
Users who have others tools like CGDI BMWCG100CG prog bluebox will get for FREE 2 more tokens.
Tool just extended time for 6 months or 180 days.

CGDI-MB Activation Service:


Steps to OBD reset BMW EGS 8HP with OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS

Confirmed! OBDSTAR X300 DP PLUS is verified to program ECUs to BMW and GM without issues.

BMW EGS is tested! X300DP PLUS is able to reset EWS in BMW EGS 8HP!


You can reset EGS by both ways: via OBD working on car or when you have EGS on-the-bench (please observe wiring connections listed below)




OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS is gonna to program a BMW ECU: BMW EGS 8HP.


Select the car and software

BMW - BMW Mini V30.04

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-2 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-3

Select an ECU: EGS - 8HP

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-4 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-5

X300DP PLUS reads out the ECU information

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-6 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-7

X300DP PLUS resets EGS adaptation

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-8 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-9

Obdstar X300 DP PLUS supports EGS

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-10 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-11

Obdstar resets EWS

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-13 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-14 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-15 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-16

Obdstar read EWS status

obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-17 obdstar-x300dp-plus-bmw-egs-programming-18

All functions listed in OBDSTAR X300DP PLUS ECU Programming: Worked!