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Micropod 2 device is not registered Solution

Micropod 2 Tech Support: “Device is not register”

Hardware: Micropod 2 china clone

Software: wiTech 17.04.27

Error message:
“Registration is needed
Device with serial number*** is not registered. Please check the knowledge
base to determine how to register a device”


Solution from professionals:

Right click wiTech Diagnostic Application-> Properties->Open file location


C:/Program Files (x86)/DCC Tools/wiTECH/client


Open app-config text file


Change the first number to any value marked red above.

i.e change 6 to other numbers, 1-9

Then save the text file. (Very important!!!)

Run Micropod 2 software Witech 17.04.27 again
If witech still prompts  error ” an internal registration error has occurred “, just ignore by clicking no icon to close it.


Result: Problem solved.
Then tick “Offline” on the bottom left corner (Don’t need to login)

Run diagnostic software.

Tech Support:

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