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Should I have Nexiq 2 or Inline 7 for truck diagnostics?

Look here: The new Cummins Inline 7 and Nexiq USB Link 2, Good or not?

Copy some ideas from forums:

  1. I would try to set it up as a Nexiq USB link 2. Since it's the same tool in a different package it may work. Not sure though, never tried it. I have never used NED either so cant offer much there. Others will chime in surely.
  1. Inline 7will not work with either of those or DDDL 7.0 or higher. Nexiq is always best bet.
  1. We don't use Inline 7. Navistar's primary interface is the Nexiq. Inline 7 is on our list but not fully supported and will not work with older programs and must be used with Windows 7 or 10 only. Make sure you have the latest Inline driver.


It’s easy to find that Nexiq USB Link 2 is more populous, as a heavy-duty truck diagnostic tool.

But the winner is always not Nexiq 2.

First you’d better know the main difference of Nexiq USB Link 2 and Cummins Inline 7.

  1. Inline 7 has wifi and bluetoothat the time, nexiq only one at a time.
    2. Nexiq 2 has more protocols than Inline 7, for example the Inline 7 does not work with Hino, Toyota, Isuzu.
  2. Inline 7 runsslightly faster.

You can use Inline 7 for everything from ddct to jpro and n14.

From old to new, it works great for programming real fast.

And sometimes cummins only like cummins adapters, like n14 m11 570 stuff like that in some users’ experience at least.

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