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VDI MB TOOL W210 Password Calculation

This is how to calculate password of Mercedes W202 W208 W210, using VVDI MB V4.1.0 - the latest version released on 07-2018.


The released notes saying W202 W208 W210 Password Calculation is available


The tutorial of W202 W208 W210 Password Calculation


Step 1: Select working key, communicate mode and chassis

Waring: this step should be done on the bench


Step 2: Press “Data Acquisition” to start

- press data acquisition, connect device->MB power adapter

- connect IR adapter to VVDI-MB TOOL

- data acquisition

- 50% complete

- 100% complete

- save acquisition data


Step 3: Press “Upload Data” to send acquisition data


Step 4: Press “Query result” to get the key password

VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-2 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-3 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-4

Tested by real pros with VVDI MB firmware 4.0.0...upload images

VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-5 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-6 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-7 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-8 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-9 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-10 VVDI-MB-TOOL-W202-W208-W210-password-calculation-11

Job’s done!

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