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OBDSTAR Key Master OBD do VOLVO S80 key programming

OBDSTAR Key Master is the best solution when VOLVO S80 2012 Semi-Smart Key all keys lost.

Here we go for procedure:

Connect Key Master Mux to the VCI box and VOLVO S80 via OBD.

Tap "Volvo".

This is newest Volvo version V30.03.

Tap "S80".

Tap "Year 2009 -2016".

Tap " Module identification".

Press start button once

CEM is installed and KVM is installed.

Tap "Without keyless proximity", then "All keys lost", press start button once.

Follow the tips on the screen and tap "Yes".


  1. Performing the function requires minimum one semi smart key!
  2. After programming successfully, the original car key will not be used again and need to be reprogrammed.
  3. Please confirm the key type.


Switch ignition off.


Number of programmed key:1

Number of maximum programmed keys: 6

Tap "OK"


Please insert the key to be programmed into the card slot, then tap "Yes".

Please confirm if the key is inserted into the slot, tap "Yes".


Program success!!!


OBDSTAR Key Master programs VOLVO S80 Semi-Smart Key all keys lost via OBD.

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