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Keydiy KD-X2 feedback on rolling code remotes

If you want to know the others' experience with this Keydiy KD-X2 device in regards to rolling code remotes. You want to know is it able to copy and work with these type of systems? Also can it unlock locked crypto ID48 chips? Go on reading the following info.

I commented that the remote cloning options with rolling code, makes them in the "Remote clone - Special copy" function, and although the KD-X2 does it apparently, in fact the control created "DOES NOT WORK". At least the ones I've tried.
As for if you unlock the id48, I just did the test and unfortunately could not unlock it (Error code: 82).

I recommend downloading and install the app to view the functions that are active.

I describe to you what functions if they have worked for me and what not, so that you can get an reference.


Remote Generate = if it works

Old-Nb-Zone = if it works

Remote Search = if it works


Normal copy = if it works

Special Copy = failure, of 10 Rolling Code Aftermarket that tries to clone, the 10 failed, not working.

Remote re-make = fails, it worked in 1 out of 12 tested remotes, but it has many options to edit a remote and you can save it to create it later.


Frequency test = if it works (Ask, Fsk and Infrared).

Data checking = if it works (interesting)

Data compare = if it works (interesting)

Smart Match = Disabled


Edit by IC = Disabled

Edit by remote = Disabled


My remotes = If it works (save your remotes created in option B) "remote re-make")

Generated Records = If it works (saves the remotes created from option A) "Remote generate and Old-nb-zone")


Automation Detection Clone = If it works (It does not detect the Dst 4E transponders). I have successfully cloned 4d, 4c, 46. I used successfully JMDD-M640, Cn2, Cn3, Cn5, lkp02 and Remote NBMultifunction, It only works with active internet. JMDKingChip not Working.

Toyota G Clone = I have not tried it yet

48 clone chip = Disabled


Toyota G chip generation = I have not tried it yet.

Chip generation = if it works, and it is used with the NB-Multifunction Remotes. (generates pcf7936, pcf7946, id11, id12, id13, id47 / 38)

Id33 / 40/41/42/44 = if it works (I have only tried id40 and use a blank pcf7935).

48 Chip Generation = Not working (tp22 failed, tp23 failed, tp24 failed, tp25 failed, Jetta Dedicated failed, Fiat failed, all mark "error code: 81").


Remote Unlock = Version 4.6.2 ALREADY AVAILABLE. I have not tried it yet.

Ignition coil detect = if it works.

I want this information to help you.

Credits to ALBERTO_



Get to know Yanhua ACDP Mini

Here are notes shared by real professionals working for 3 features of  Yanhua ACDP Mini are highlighted for BMW CAS and FEM/BDC programming, esp. for newbies.

  1. Require no soldering experience:

ACDP application with Help file - how to connect

ACDP-Mini-NO-Soldering-Wiring-1 ACDP-Mini-NO-Soldering-Wiring-2

  1. Less risk when you do programming:

Automatic test of adapters connection, will help avoid data lost because of bad communication.

(cannot go to the next step if the connection is not in a good way)


  1. No worries of data lost!

Easy to program FEM without soldering:

For BMW with a good FEM module,

FEM module data restore:

ACDP can be used with FEM module in a good condition but with data issues.

No worries! No module data lost.

Note: You’d better know the data version. If not, choose the newest.

Then the matching should be synchronized with the original device.

Data cannot be as expensive as before coz data now can be restored.

For BMW with a replacement of FEM modules,

FEM module data backup and write:

ACDP is used when there is something wrong with the FEM module.

You should have a working FEM module to write data that’s read from the old and bad FEM.

ACDP has its own adapter for CAS3+/CAS4+:

Recommendation: disassemble the CAS3+/CAS4+ module for programming

ACDP has its adapter for CAS3+/CAS4+ programming.

If done via OBD2, it’s a must to lower the version with ALL tools.

And in the process of downgrading, The data might get lost or leave historical issues that fault cannot be cleared.

So, you’d better disassemble the CAS3+/CAS4+ module and connect it via an specialized adapter for programming.

Please clear some contact points if with thick three anti-paint.

No need soldering chips and wiring

Tips of using ACDP App via a mobile:

Bluetooth turns ON on a mobile, search BT and find out ACDP, then connected

Note: DO NOT manually pair Bluetooth connection.

If you fail to find out ACDP BT, turn on location service, usually in Settings, security and privacy

WiFi is connected with a router or a location service

All data communication is done via WiFi

Note: If you fail to match the key in the process, check the WiFi signal is good or not and also check the WiFi name (NO Chines or other special characters! Only English and numbers available) and password (correct?)

5G cannot be supported!



JMD Handy Baby II VS Handy Baby

Breaking news!

Handy Baby II will be available within 3 months. It features in small but smart, easy to take, easy to use even a kid can operate, it optimizes all of functions of Handy Baby 1st generation and supports lots more functions.

Handy Baby II VS Handy Baby:

Handy Baby II adds lots more functions.

  JMD Handy Baby II JMD Handy Baby
All functions of Handy Baby Optimized (Improved) Yes
Customize 46/48/4D simulation Yes No
46/48/4D cloud decoding Yes No
Copy access card Support most types T5 type is supported
Unlock smart card Yes No
Generate remote Yes No
Smart voice system   No
Copy the remote of garage door   No
8C generation and cooy   No
Connect to APP via wireless & Bluetooth Yes No
35XX All keys lost(with Assistant) Yes No
MQB odometer correction (with Assistant) Yes No
T5/47/AES chip simulation Yes No
40/42/44 generation and copy Yes No


Handy Baby II Price:

Not sure yet

Handy Baby II images took in the 2018 5.18 Chinese Locksmith exhibition