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JMD Handy Baby II VS Handy Baby

Breaking news!

Handy Baby II will be available within 3 months. It features in small but smart, easy to take, easy to use even a kid can operate, it optimizes all of functions of Handy Baby 1st generation and supports lots more functions.

Handy Baby II VS Handy Baby:

Handy Baby II adds lots more functions.

  JMD Handy Baby II JMD Handy Baby
All functions of Handy Baby Optimized (Improved) Yes
Customize 46/48/4D simulation Yes No
46/48/4D cloud decoding Yes No
Copy access card Support most types T5 type is supported
Unlock smart card Yes No
Generate remote Yes No
Smart voice system   No
Copy the remote of garage door   No
8C generation and cooy   No
Connect to APP via wireless & Bluetooth Yes No
35XX All keys lost(with Assistant) Yes No
MQB odometer correction (with Assistant) Yes No
T5/47/AES chip simulation Yes No
40/42/44 generation and copy Yes No


Handy Baby II Price:

Not sure yet

Handy Baby II images took in the 2018 5.18 Chinese Locksmith exhibition

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