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Mangoose cable reset SKS and register used keyfob: Done!

Here, I’ll chip in with experience of Mangoose VCI cable on 2010 Prius.

2010 Prius only came with 1 keyfob/mechanical combo. So after TONs of research, I got a hold of h00ktern on here who was awesome and took care of cutting me a few duplicates of my 1 and only keyblade for an insanely reasonable price. He also helped fill in the gaps as far as using TechStream and the SKS reset procedure, so much thanks for that.

I purchased a USED keyfob off ebay for around $50 and a Mini-VCI (Mangoose) cable from a chinese seller with an "evaluation copy" or TechStream software [added version].

After fighting to get TechStream to work as described on my laptop (64bit woe, PM for details), I was able to successfully De-Register a keyfob from my car (only wanted the one I have registered, and removed the 1 from the previous owners). This required little to no effort to remove and no SKS reset was required.
I then tried to register the USED fob I got from eBay using the normal registration procedures. This step, I expected to work FAIL [edited] after talking to h00ktern). My "eval" copy of TechStream did not like the Smart Key registration option, as it would hang on registration of the second keyfob. The "Smart Key Registration (Classic)," however, would not hang, it just refused to add the USED fob... Again, expected.

Do the SKS reset in READY mode:
So, onto the fun part... I kicked open my drivers side door on this lovely 20 degree morning in January, and left it open. It is required for the SKS reset to NOT close the door. Not sure which part exactly requires it, I just left it open. I initialized the SKS reset option, and gathered my Seed Code and went to Sigmabit (Calculation of Passcode for Toyota, Lexus, Scion vehicles) to get my reset passcode for only ~$26-27. Let me just state, that their system is NOT automated. I assumed it was, and expected a code rather fast. After like 20 minutes of waiting, I blasted an email and attempted to reach them on Skype, as well as call them. Also a note, it is the weekend, and outside their normal business hours, so I was NOT really expecting to hear back, plus they are in Lithuania, so there was BIG time gap as well. An email did return (it hit my spam folder, and took me 10 minutes to notice) and someone actually texted me from them saying that he was driving. We texted for a few more minutes and he said he'd get me my code soon. Talk about support! After I received the code, I initialized the SKS reset (their code worked!).

I noticed my laptop battery was getting low and I scrambled to get an extension cord and my charger because I didn't want my laptop to shut off during the reset... Just my luck, the laptop shutoff as I was getting everything ran and the SKS Reset was in progress. "Dammit!" Note, nothing was hurt on the car. But it caused a new seed code. I texted and dude at Sigmabit and begged for mercy and he hooked me up a new passcode rather quickly. The 16 minute security timer was off and running again! This time, with the laptop plugged in, I patiently waited... This is the part where it is flashing in red on the screen "Don't close drivers side door!" Reset worked successfully!

Do the Smart Key Registration (Classic) in accessory mode:
I then went through the Smart Key Registration (Classic) option in the Smart Key Utility portion of TechStream. h00ktern informed me to do this step with a USED keyfob first, then the OEM one. After scanning both keys, I selected Register option, and both keys seemed fine. I chucked my OEM key away from my car and tested the USED fob. The used one allowed my car to start, remote start to function, and all the smart key functionality. Everything works!

To recap:
1. $35 for Mini VCI "Mangoose" cable from

  1. $55 USED SKS keyfob (exact model as my current one)
    3. $27ish for a SKS Seed Code reset codeBeats the stealerships quote of $400ish for a new fob and programming! I'd like to try adding another used fob without an SKS reset to see if that works... maybe in the future sometime.

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