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Golf 7 & Amarok 2014 MQB Mileage Correction: Done with Obdstar H110!

Which tool can do mileage for Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 jonson control dash
I have smok uhds but seems not support that kind of dashboard
I think support only vdo and continental

if anyone who already did it, plz give more information


i know VVDI2 xhorse and OBDSTAR tools can work for MQB
but not sure if it's helpful to your cars

Update: Obdstar H100 can work for you.

It’s good at VW MQB odometer correction

Both your Golf 7 and Amarok 2014 are listed in the car list.

Look at the sreenshots.. it’s marked in red

Golf 7 listed:

golf-7-mqb-odometer-correction golf-7-odometer-correction-mqb

Amarok 2014 listed:


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