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Ford IDS V108 Software Tested Well

Ford IDS V108 Full Software for Ford VCM II Support Online Programming




SW Version: 108.01

Ford IDS 108 Windows XP: Confirmed!

Ford IDS 108 Windows 7 32 or 64 bit: Confirmed!

Ford IDS 108 activation: install and activation help via Teamviewer

Tested with VCM 2 and VXDIAG VCX NANO Ford: Never failed!!

Also tested the  VCM IDS 3 : Working perfect!

Online programming: Supported! but you should have an account yourself.

Ford IDS v108.01 function: Confirmed!

1.Able to download the very latest calibration files/software from Ford server if the network connection available at the time of connecting to vehicles

2.Read and decode fault codes

3.Delete fault codes

4.Display System current parameters in digital form

5.Combined displaying of data

6.Logs Keeping: write and keep of digital parameters in memory

7.Special functions: changing of permissible seeting of blocks, programming etc.



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