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Step to update Elsawin v4 to Elsawin v5

When updating setup Elsawin 4.10 to 5.0 on Windows 8.1-64 bit, the installation of SQL Server shows a window with the error message: The SQL Server instance ELSAWINDB could not be installed.ErrorCode: -2068054016.The setup program will be aborted.

How to solve:

Solution 1: do a clean setup

do a clean setup with NO CAR database installed, so no seat, audi ect
after install add car databases, before install seat and skoda edit xml file

the procedure about xml:

rename control#41.xml to control#52

edit the file :




                (c) Volkswagen AG 2011

                Author: FOXSAPR



                <registry hkey="HKVWElsaWinSettingsCDVersion_C" jsValueExpr="'2012-03_51'" />


        <init version="52"/>


replace setup with the one on Mega!keQT1LZb!Ll4_6PTMoKI3zE3Z1iDo-IvJGGS3me...

Solution 2: stopped on Elsawin 4.1

Feedback 1: I also found solution ,don't install version higher then 4.1  ,is just makes problems ..
I stopped on 4.1 and all 4 brands work perfekt.

Feedback 2: yeah...right! stopped on 4.1 is the best solution i think.

Solution 3: install 'SQL SERVER 2008 SP1'

I have solved that install problem. you guys have to download and install this 'SQL SERVER 2008 SP1' on the microsoft.

Solution 4: turn on WMI service in win 7

SQL problem was solved by turn on WMI service in win 7
ps. installation SQL SERVER 2008 SP1 was aborted by fail of WMI service. just tunr on WMI service and everything is fine. (previously wmi service was turn off to reduce cpu usage)

Solution 5: get working Elsawin 5.2 tested on Windows 7

If all solutions above do not work for you, go for Elsawin 5.2 crack: tested by professionals and verified to work without any issues on Windows 7 32 bit system

elsawin-52-electronic-service-information-3 elsawin-52-electronic-service-information-2elsawin-52-electronic-service-information-1 

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