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Xentry Connect C5 User Manual

Xentry Connect C5 manual:

1 Insert the Battery Pack

- Do not touch the terminals of the battery pack and the computer. Doing so can

make the terminals dirty or damaged, and may cause malfunction of the battery

pack and the computer.

- Be sure to attach the cover for use.

In details...

Step 1: Slide the latch (A) in the direction of the arrow.

Step 2: Open the cover.


Step 3: Insert the battery pack until it securely fits the connector.


Step 4: Close the cover until it clicks.

Step 5: Slide the latch (A) in the direction of the arrow.



To remove the battery pack

In step 3 above, pull the tab (B) of the battery pack.


Make sure the latch is securely locked. Otherwise the battery pack may fall

when you carry the computer.


Note that the computer consumes electricity even when the computer power is

off. If the battery pack is fully charged, the battery will fully discharge in the following period of time:

  • When power is off: Approx. 9 weeks
  • In sleep ( )/standby ( ): Approx. 4 days
  • In hibernation: Approx. 8 days

If “Wake Up from LAN” is disabled, the period of time in sleep will become

slightly longer, and the period of time in hibernation will become about the same

as during power-off.

When the DC plug is not connected to the computer, disconnect the AC cord

from your AC wall outlet. Power is consumed simply by having the AC adaptor

plugged into an electrical outlet.

2 Connect your computer to a power outlet, and connect the

external keyboard and mouse to the USB ports.

A Slide the latch in the direction of the arrow.

B Open the cover.

C Connect the AC adapter.

The battery charging starts automatically.

D Slide the latch of one of the three USB ports in the direction of the arrow.

E Open the cover.

F Slide the latch of another USB port in the direction of the arrow.

G Open the cover.

H Connect the external keyboard and mouse to the USB ports.


- Do not disconnect the AC adapter and do not switch the wireless switch to on

until the first-time operation procedure is completed.

- When using the computer for the first time, do not connect any peripheral device

except the battery pack, AC adapter, external keyboard and mouse.

Handling the AC adapter

Problems such as sudden voltage drops may arise during periods of thunder

and lightning. Since this could adversely affect your computer, an uninterruptible

power source (UPS) is highly recommended unless running from the

battery pack alone.

3 Turn on the computer and run Xentry/DAS software for use

xentry-connect-C5-1 xentry-connect-C5-2 xentry-connect-C5-3xentry-connect-C5-4

Xentry Connect C5 is working...


ODIS-Engineering 6.7.5 Error ODS8024E

Purpose: solve ODS8024E error in ODIS-Engineering 6.7.5 for 5054a head

Hardware: OKI VAS5054A unit, firmware version 1.20.37

Software: ODIS-S perfectly

ODIS-E 6.7.5...get an error when select a module for flashing

Operation system: running ODIS-E and ODIS-S natively on Windows 10 x64

Error message:

Infrastructure. Vehicle (EcuCom):
An error occurred during communication with the MCD system:
The MCD job <SinglJob_StandECUIdent>
did not delivery any results after completion.”



How to setup ODIS Engineering 6.7.5:

I believe with odis-e 6.7.5 you have to use the projects found in odis-s 3.1.3.

That is one way of doing it. Admin--->diagnostic data--->ODX update index file 1

I am using the other method Admin- Save Locations - Diagnostic data - engineering odx projects (...) Target directory. Just select the project directory of odis-s 3.1.3.

In case you have o-e 6.6.1 do the same with odis-s 3.0.3

I am not sure if it will create problems if one tries to use newer project versions than the ones I have paired with above. Not tested. I try to be consistent, to have compatible pdu-api with hardware in hand.

In case you want to install a newer odis-s first install the odis you need for the odis-e version you have, copy the projects to project engineering project folder and then uninstall that odis-s in order to install the newer version you wish. Use new folder directory were you copied the projects to.


The Q7 4M platform requires the use of the project file "AU73X" and NOT MLBEvo, and my bro’s Q5 8R requires Au48x. Was able to successfully flash the gearbox! 

Flash with help of the following tip. I copied here -

Information on ODIS report up in the vehicle data:

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (1)

Then inside ODIS go and choose your engineering "project vehicle" as follows:

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (2)

AU56X in this case

Click on the green triangle

the list of computers with different options on the right

Select the computer to update and double click on Flashing right

Then select the computer you want to update and click File local Flashing. In

principle on the DVD of Flash, you can only select the flash file on your computer

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (3)

Note: you can also select an older version; that is, maybe the software will allow flashing with.

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (4)

on system No 17, which corresponds to the instrument cluster is version 0120

So, select the 0240 release

Also, ok to select the updates to the other computers that it be done in the future without

further intervention.

(Personally, this would not be recommended unless you follow the precautions.)

click Start Flashing:

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (5)

Now a security window will appear:

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (6)

Click YES, and Flashing begins:

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (7)


Once completed, cut and replace the contact and validate the window, by software pop-up

erase all memories of events on all systems, click YES.

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (8)

And then the report window is displayed:

vas5054a-ODIS-E-vw-module-flash (9)

The flash was successful, system 17 passed on new version

On a side note: VAG Audi ECU Flash: VAS5054A or VAG CAN PRO

Vas 5054a full chip good quality with odis-e (Vxdiag vcx nano 5054- a redesign of vas5054a) and VAG CAN PRO with VCP can do it.

With 5054, ODIS Service is the "normal" diagnostic software. Without Geko account you won't be able to do any updating/flashing.

So either need 5054, and purchase subscription from VW and use ODIS Service to perform these jobs. That is, you must have valid license and valid online account for online flash.

Or without subscription, need 5054 and ODIS Engineering and offline flash files. Odis 6.0.9, odis 5.0.14 or odis 3.0.3 should be ok......old OIDS-E is working fine with it..

For offline flash you must use the Odis Engineering. For online flash you must have valid license and valid online account........

Be careful when updating VAG ECU's. It is best to read all relevant TPI when flashing VW cars, as some flashes require other work to be performed to work correctly, and not all flash files are appropriate for all cars/engines. TPI is the only source of information I know to check for this info.


Lonsdor K518 do Maserati Smart key programming

Lonsdor K518 Key Progarmmer support most vehicles including luxury cars such as Maserati. This Post is about Lonsdor K518 Program Maserati 2016 Smart key. Hope it can help you.

Lonsdor K158ise key programmer supported Maserati list:

Series Origin Year Fuel Type Function
Flip key Other Other Other Key Programming
Smart Key-16 Other Other Other PIN Code reading
Smart Key-16 Other Other Other Smart Key Programming
Smart Key16- Other Other Other Smart Key

This Post basically includes 4 parts: Function, Operation, Attention, and  Reference.


1. The backup immodata: please refer to the "Operation" to backup immodata, after that program and delete key can be proceed;

2. Add smart key: to program smart card, add key and all key lost have the same operation;

3. Delete smart key: delete all the programmed smart cards.


1. 2016- Maserati (Ghibli, Quattroporte, SUV: Levante) need to dismantle & read the onboard computer(ECU) data to get PIN code;

a. Levante ECU located in the rear cover top of the car:

K518 key programmer maserati-smart-key-2016-help-file-1

b. The onboard computer of Ghibli and Quattroporte are located in the rear windshield, the former needs to dismantle from

the rear seat(see below). The latter needs to dismantle from the trunk audio position,then you will see the onboard computer.

Lonsdor K518 key programmer maserati-smart-key-2016

2. Onboard computer appearance and dismantle/read eight feet chip (95640):

Lonsdor K518ise key programmer maserati-smart-key
Lonsdor K518 add maserati-smart-key

3. Backup immodata (as shown below)

a. Connect K518ISE main host to KPROG adapter, and connect 12V power supply (must use K518ISE dedicated power supply);

b. Weld the eight feet chip (95640)  on the "E-01 board";

c. Click the menu to start backing up the data.

d. Data backup complete, please weld the chip back to the onboard computer and install well;

Lonsdor K518 add maserati 2016-smart-key

Note: If you can not read data with the KPROG adapter, you can use a programmer to read and copy the data into the K518ISE specified folder, the path: K518 -> file -> feature_553

4. Add / delete key

a. Please follow the system prompts.


1. The deleted smart card key can only be used for the vehicle to do program operation;

2. Emergency flasher (dangerous warning light) position, as shown in red circle:

Lonsdor K518 program maserati

3. For the new Maserati models, in the bottom of the pole position has a "knob" as shown below, cars without this knob belong to the old system before 2016.

Lonsdor K518 maserati


Chip model: Dedicated smart card

PIN code requirement: Dismantle/read the onboard computer to get PIN code  (Please refer to the "Operation" for details)

Remote generation: Program smart key complete, remote will automatically generated

Under the steering wheel:

Lonsdor K518ise maserati


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