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R270 BDM programmer GOOD/BAD results

Here are good and bad results of working with R270 programmer.

Good results:

eeproms from bmw and opel ok

CAS4 wih 1L15Y from new bmw works ok

All kinds of 35080 eeproms worked so far...

Cas 2 (2K79X) and cas 3 (0L15Y) merceds esz (0L40K)

r270+ 9s12 no probs

working good with 1k79x Mercedes W211 CGW

working fine on eeprom write problem, I'm using win 7 64 bit.

Read and write Cas3, Cas3 Plus, Eis. All work fine

one of my best tools to read and write hc908 processors.

perfect tool also for 35080 never disappointed me .

With 9S12 works very good, but some of VP, V6 eep it can't erase incremental area.

I prefer R290 with more vehicle coverage, supports 2006 BMW and Porsche Motorola MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H)


Bad results:

r270 blue box did try on mb w203 ezs 3k91d and it erased eeprom on motorola chip.
this tool did read 35080 eeprom but never write or erase.
better go with r260 red box.

In my case about an EZS of a w2011 with 3k91d i try to read it ok and after change km on it, is not able to write correct and finally car not runs.I try to back up ori. file and nothing.Bad result in this case.I use r270 black plastic box...

I bought a r270 and i'm trying to read/write a 9s12dj64 but i have no luck.
It's the blue plastic box r270

i have buy r270 black box.
it read blank data on 35080 and 35160. can not erase(more than 45 min )still not erase.
i do all solutions in forum without results

Just get cheep universal programmer like mini pro TL866 works good with regular 95080 and just buy new 95080 chip .. i have r270 also xprog its very bad when you need to do 95080 and cheep programer work's better in this case.


which BMW diagnostic tool better

Looking for a BMW diagnostic tool (with coding/programming function), which tool better? Read hundreds of posts and found these, talked a lot when it comes to BMW diagnostic: Foxwell NT510, ECS Schwaben, INPA cable, Carly, Launch M-Diag Lite

So, which one should i take?

Reply: The best solution for BMW diagnostic must be BMW ICOM series (now ICOM Next is better), but be’coz of stronger functions than other tools, it’s much more expensive (price: $200-$400). Also, the tools you mention above should be ok. For difference in details, go on your reading.

Foxwell nt510 vs. Schwaben tool from ECS

Schwaben tool is confirmed the same as Foxwell NT510, the factory, software, user manual... All the same except the shape. And it’s wise to buy Foxwell NT510, $50 saved!

Both have the following capabilities:

Works on the latest 2014/2015 models
Gets access to powertrain, chassis and body systems
Quick Test function to test most vehicle systems
Reads and clears diagnostic trouble codes and resets MIL
Requests and records live sensor data
Provides live data graphing
Merges graphs for easy and intuitive diagnosis
Displays freeze frame data
Retrieves ECU information
Runs component/system bi-directional tests
Supports adaptations and control module coding on selected cars
Supports the most commonly required service features like Electronic Parking Brake, oil service indicator, and transmission adaptations
Upgradable to cover other car makes
TF memory card for data backup and software update
As easy as 1-2-3 with large TFT color screen and menu-driven operations
Ergonomic design and ruggedly built for both shop and road tests

Foxwell nt510 bmw vs. bmw INPA

- That the nt510 foxwell scanner is like INPA cable– for those that don’t know, INPA is a diagnostic tool typically used with a laptop and a special OBD2 cable. It can be tricky to set up (I have used it on my R58 and an R50) but it’s capable of an amazing array of diagnostics and controls.

This scanner is SO MUCH EASIER to use than INPA.

Plug in the scanner and it’ll turn on, bringing you to the main screen. Speaking of screen, it is not a touch-screen. Navigation is done using the soft-touch buttons, which feel like… one of those universal TV remote controls with the comically large buttons. I had no issues navigating; all button presses react quickly and there’s no lag that I can detect.

Once it’s on (again, takes maybe two seconds to turn on) you choose your model (in this case, MINI – it also does BMW, and, inexplicably, Rolls Royce) At that point, you get the VIN, either through an automatic scan (my preference), entering it manually, or “manual selection”

- If you don't have the computer skills (nor do you want them) to be able to install and use NCSexpert, INPA, tool32. You are recommended to have one Foxwell NT510 for BMW scanner which is handheld without connecting to the computer, NT510 sales for $179 free shipping worldwide, which is more expensive than INPA although, NT510 is more powerful in function it not only works as a diagnostic tool but also a coding programming tool, and it comes with one manufacture software as default, and allowed to pay only $70/per vehicle manufacutures including AU FORD, BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Holden, Land Rover, OPEL, Toyota and VAG.

Foxwell nt510 BMW vs Carly app for BMW

Carly can read and clear codes, also can register batteries at $15 a pop. I don't think it can code injectors though... at least I haven't been able to find a way.

The Foxwell can read OBD codes from any car and also do specific vehicle operations to BMW / Mini / Rolls. It’s a lot better in terms of diagnostics. It has a lot more functionality in terms of reading live data, freeze frame data, activating individual components to check for faults etc. If you had a tricky fault i'd say you have a much better chance of pinpointing it with the Foxwell tool.

It also has a lot more functionality i terms of DIYs since it can do resets/adaptations

The interface and connection is also a lot better than Carly.

Foxwell nt510 vs. Launch M-diag Lite

Foxwell nt510:

features: hand-held scan tool with a screen, no need a laptop

languages: English, French, Spanish,Dutch, German, Chinese

cars: Support new and old OBDI and OBDII vehicles:  Chrysler GM  Honda, Acura Hyundai, KIA Toyota, Lexus, Sicon  Land Rover, Jaguar Opel, Vauxhall VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda BMW  FIAT  American Ford  Porsche

basic diagnosis + coding/service features like Electronic Parking Brake, oil service indicator, and transmission adaptations...

Launch m-diag lite:

features: diagnostic adapter; need connect with smart phones or iPAD (via Bluetooth)

languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese

cars: Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over 70 car manufacturers and 2, 500 OBDll car models: Hyundai, Kia, Mitsubishi, SUBARU, Mazda, Nissan, Toyota, Renault, Dodge, DACIA, Ford, Chevrolet, GM, HOLDEN, Peugeot, SAAB, SMART, Volkswage, Fiat, ROVER, Opel, Vauxhall, SKODA, Citroen, SEAT, Honda, Buick, Chrysler, Jeep, Ssangyong, GAZ, VAZ, Great Wall, Chery, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Isuzu, BYD, MAHINDRA, MARUTI, TATA, PROTON, Luxgen, PERODUA, Daewoo, Guangzhou Automobile Trumpchi, Geely

basic diagnosis + special functions: IMMO & key programming,  Odometer adjustment, Oil / Service reset,  ABS bleeding, TPS throttle body adaptation, brake pads, steering angle reset, battery matching, DPF regeneration, Injector coding, Tire Pressure Warning Light Reset, gear learning

In summary, it depends on what your purpose and your budget.

Foxwell nt510 price: €145

Icom next wifi price: €339

Inpa k+dcan cable price: €17

Launch m-diag lite price:  €54.99


VVDI BGA MB Tokens For W204 W212 W221

VVDI BGA MB Tokens are only required when dealing with W204 W212 W221:

only 1 Token when adding a key

2 Tokens when all keys lost

all other earlier models with readable non NEC based EIS/EZS doesn’t require Tokens at all, you either read EIS via OBD or I.R and get Password from it’s existing key provided that it’s NEC V51, V57 or Motorola Old big key or read full dump that obviously includes Password via any programmer Rosfar, Orange5 or Vvdi Prog, key file calculations dose Not require Tokens at all, nor does W204 ESL/ELV repair no Tokens needed whatsoever.


The above clarification had to be pointed out loud and clear, due to the fact that we’ve lately noticed other tools resellers turning customers away from VVDI BGA MB by waving TOKENS all the way, which is not true.