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Easy way: read M35080 with VVDI-Prog M35080/D80 adapter

Read data with VVDI-Prog and M35080/D80 adapter: save time, easy way (no need solder), 100% success!!!

How to read M35080 chip with VVDI Prog only? Look here:

Remove the M35080 chip, solder it, read data with VVDI Prog, desolder it and solder it back

(require good soldering tech!!!)


If you are not equipped with good soldering technique, you may fail to read data with VVDI Prog only.

But if you have a M35080/D80 adapter, you’ll have 100% success.

No need solder, save time, safe.

Look here:

Remove the M35080 chip and connect/put into the M35080/D80 adapter to read data using VVDI-Prog


D80(ADAPTER), D160(ADAPTER), M350803(ADAPTER), M350806(ADAPTER), M35080V6(ADAPTER),M35080VP(ADAPTER) options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>->(Need M35080/D80 ADAPTER)


vvdi-prog-reading-m35080-3 vvdi-prog-m35080

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