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Ford new Mondeo instrument shows high engine water temperature


Customers reflect the vehicle in the process of driving the instrument suddenly shows "engine coolant overheating", while the engine fault light is lit, and the phenomenon of engine jitter. First of all, the car to do some basic checks, the engine coolant level normal, while the kettle near the water temperature is not too high lead to the discharge of coolant traces. Check vvdi mb bga tool the engine system with IDS fault code. Simultaneously read the engine water temperature signal and cylinder head temperature signal data flow, the engine temperature is about 78. At this time the water temperature is not high, so try to start the vehicle, the engine can start, but there is a clear jitter phenomenon. Try to clear the engine fault code, the fault code can be cleared (not a continuous line failure), clear the fault code and then start the vehicle again, the engine no longer jitter, in situ fuel to the engine heating up quickly, the temperature reaches 98 ℃ when the fan starts running, operating normally.

By analyzing the meaning of the high voltage of the water temperature sensor, cylinder head temperature sensor data, and fault code P1023 - CHT sensor circuit, combined with the above basic inspection results, the water temperature of the vehicle is not real. Phenomenon, just xtool ez500 because the cylinder head temperature sensor or related line fault caused by false positives.As the engine water temperature does not exist too high phenomenon, remove the fault code after all aspects of the engine work properly, so the car back to the venue for further inspection, driving back to the shop on the road, the phenomenon is no longer appear.

Summary: This model not only has the water temperature sensor ECT, in the exhaust side of the cylinder head also added a cylinder head temperature sensor CHT, used to jointly monitor the engine temperature changes. The CHT sensor is a thermistor device whose resistance varies with temperature. The resistance of the thermistor decreases as the temperature increases and increases as the temperature kess v2 decreases. The varying resistance affects the voltage drop across the sensor terminals and provides the electrical signal corresponding to the temperature to the PCM. Compared to water temperature sensors, CHT sensors provide more comprehensive engine temperature information and are used to infer the temperature of the coolant. programmer/

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