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Honda Accord catalytic converter clogged cause difficulty in starting

Mileage over 216,000 km, engine model K24Z2 the 2006 Guangzhou Honda Accord 2.4L sedan. Customers reflect: In recent days 3-4 every time you obd2 scan toolstart the car to the car in the morning to start especially difficult vehicle, so the vehicle on the workshop overhaul.

After receiving the car, start the vehicle, sometimes 7 ~ 8s can the car, sometimes 3 to 4 times to start the car, the engine failure warning light on the instrument to check there is no alarm, with road through diagnostic check of the engine control unit 708, no fault code storage. In the morning and cold start, in order to avoid prolonged parking, fuel pump pressure relief iobd2 valve, the fuel system pressure is low, resulting in the mixture is too thin, difficult to start the vehicle, the maintenance technician before starting the ignition switch twice, let the fuel pump run twice to establish oil and then start, start the phenomenon remains difficult; in hot car start, the first step on the accelerator pedal to start again in the end, to make it into clean off the oil tank program, to avoid starting the mixture too concentrated, resulting in flooded cylinder spark plug, but still difficult to start.

1) The problem of the engine when the vehicle ignition system component failures morning cold start face is hypothermia, poor fuel atomization, a higher ignition voltage and ignition energy. Ignition coil (internal amplifier electronics) aging, short circuit between ignition coils, high pressure sheath high voltage spark leakage can not generate sufficient strength; spark plug fouling too much, or the ignition spark plug electrode erosion gap becomes large, will lead to reduced ignition energy resulting in difficulty in starting the vehicle.

2) The intake manifold absolute pressure sensor (MAP) fault - monitoring the intake manifold intake pressure change absolute pressure sensor and convert it to electrical signals to the engine control unit, as an important basis for the decision of the basic fuel injection quantity First, if a fault in the sensor, the engine will accelerate the emergence of the phenomenon of bad or difficult to start.

3) The engine intake system fault - after the throttle inlet and the intake manifold leak, additional air to enter, resulting in a elm327 combustible mixture is too lean; the engine inlet, intake valve and combustion chamber volume of coke carbon too, when you start the injected fuel will be a lot to absorb carbon, so that the mixture is too lean startup, causing the vehicle to start easily adsorbed on carbon fuel saturation and then make the mixture thickens, causing the engine when the combustible mixture when diluted concentration, so that the vehicle is not easy to start the car difficult.


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